Use Meditation And Journaling To Improve Your Mental Health

Use Meditation And Journaling To Improve Your Mental Health

The act of meditation seems simple and unassuming. After all, how much good can really come out of sitting still and breathing? However, what most people don’t realize is that meditation does more than just give them time to focus on their thoughts. In fact, meditation has numerous health benefits that, when strategically combined with journaling, can be used to enhance your daily routine. 

Meditation allows for increased concentration, decreased stress, and can even lower blood pressure. Journaling helps people regulate their emotions and curtails anxiety while building awareness of new perspectives when facing problems. It’s well known that both meditation and journaling are two ways that people can greatly improve their mental health, but what if there was a way to combine the two? 

Meditation and journaling can actually go hand in hand.

One of the biggest problems that people who are new to meditation face, is that they are unable to quiet their thoughts and really focus. This is when it’s helpful to have a journal nearby: write down any thoughts that are filling up your mind and preventing you from letting go.

This way, your brain won’t be fighting to remember everything instead of meditating. When you physically write your thoughts down, it will be much easier to empty your mind and have them waiting for you once you finish your meditation. 

Journaling can also be incorporated into your meditation. For example, switching between meditating for 10 minutes and journaling for 5 minutes can give you a chance to write down how you’re feeling. You can do this throughout your meditation to get the most out of it. This enhances your awareness of the feelings and thoughts you experience throughout the meditation. 

Engaging with a community of friends who use meditation and journaling can also be a way to exchange new ideas, perspectives, and tips. Many online communities exist for the sole purpose of connecting meditators who are focused on improving their mental health and trying to learn the most from their experiences. 

One that has been proven to be significantly beneficial to its users is the online platform OS.ME. The founder, Om Swami, spent 15,000 hours intensely meditating and understands how deeply it can affect a person’s mental and spiritual wellness. It allows people to open up their minds and access parts of their brain and bodily functions like never before.

In fact, Harvard researchers discovered that Om Swami had gotten new access to so many different parts in his brain that he could control involuntary actions, including his pulse. This life-changing experience is what led Om Swami to eventually establish OS.ME, which has gone on to help more people learn similar lessons as well as their own unique ones. 

One of the best parts of OS.ME is that it, again, combines meditation and journaling into one comprehensive space. Om Swami releases videos guiding users through different aspects of meditation and spiritual well-being and uses them as a way to answer any questions that arise for those who are unfamiliar with it and want to learn more. 

Users are also able to post about their personal experiences and their spiritual journeys on the platform, creating a type of online “journal” to record personal developments and get support from other members. It gives them an opportunity to delve into the deep intricacies of their existence in a safe and welcoming environment. 

People who find that they have a lot of wisdom to share can become part of the Karma program where they can spread smiles or bring someone solace while also getting paid for their posts. This platform creates a place where people can both be guided through meditations and learn more about the unique aspects of it, while also journaling their thoughts whether it be related to their meditation or life experiences, or have a spiritual aspect as well. 

Combining journaling and meditation increases mindfulness and teaches people to pay attention to every part of their lives, big or small. Together they can become a useful tool to improve your mental health and overall quality of life, and can even get you paid to do it! Working on combining journaling and meditation can help ensure that you ultimately get the most benefits out of it. It pays to work on mental wellness…literally!



The unique OS.ME online community focuses on empowering members to share their life experiences in one of the only judgment-free zones on the internet. The platform is also used to promote genuine connections over the web and share a wealth of knowledge related to mindfulness.

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