Twinkling Of Minds – All Minds are Joined

Twinkling Of Minds All Minds are Joined

Twinkling Of Minds

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of these thoughts because all minds are joined and when more energy is devoted to believing one way or another, thoughts are being pulled on. 

I wish you could begin to comprehend how important it is to keep quiet and stay positive.  Thoughts are like magnets and when you tell everyone you are having surgery tomorrow individuals think the worst and you may not heal as fast. Facebook and Twitter do not help because we are now reaching a larger pool of people with these fearful ideas than in the past. 

I have a cough, I hope it does not turn into bronchitis. When you post this stuff out there it more than likely means an antibiotic is in your future.  Even if you post I have a small cough but feeling better, that has a positive spin, but the meaning is still the same. You are casting the fact that you are a separate being from God and are capable of being sick and helpless. 

When you post in mid-January when it is minus seventeen outside, how your house seems colder than normal and you are hoping the furnace is not breaking. Congratulations, you just cost yourself $3,500 for a new heater. Stop searching the internet for answers too. It just reinforces the corrupt thought in your mind. Do you see the pattern here? Stop thinking and posting bad thoughts and watch the difference it makes in your life.

Do you understand what I am saying? YOUR THOUGHTS BRING IN EVERYTHING. GOOD OR BAD. It is hard for you to understand possibly because your whole life you saw everything as external as if you had no choice over the bad things happening all the time. As if this world and people made it difficult for you. But now you are starting to see the world as internal and you manifest everything. What a relief. Now you can make some real changes.

Do not beat yourself up thinking you caused everything to happen. If you are the parent of an ill child, for example, do not feel guilty that you may be the one responsible for causing the condition. If you focus on the guilty or disappointing feeling than you are just shifting the pain you are already experiencing into something else. Just be proud of yourself that you now understand what is happening and can move forward with positive thoughts.

Rachel Roman Tipton resides in Tampa, Florida, and is the author of a life-changing book called Cheat Sheet to Heaven. This is not a religious, self-help, or psychological book but is a book about our thoughts and how to change them.   The book was developed when she came to the realization that she no longer wanted to feel unhappy, depressed, sad, or lonely. For more information please visit

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