Touch Starved Generation

Touch Starved Generation


We don’t know what is a human touch.
We are a touch starved generation.
We upload a hug.

We blow a kiss.

We don’t have  time to look into someone’s eyes
Or notice how they smile
From cheek to cheek.
We are too busy clicking and uploading pics
Because without them, how do we prove we exist.
We have more than 3000 friends online.
But we go on solo trips.
FB status update
What’s on my mind?

I wish I could go to Italy one day.
While in Italy, our instagram
Soaks in the foamy goodness of
The freshly brewed cappuccino
Before our lips could soak it in.
We don’t have time to notice
The beauty that surrounds us
Or take a walk in nature
Feel the grass beneath our feet
Or gaze at the stars blanketing us.

Because we are too busy giving stars to the restaurants and cafes we check in.
Nothing ever goes wrong with our alter egos.
We have picture perfect hair.
We have picture perfect as.
We have picture perfect skin.
Our lives are a live love laugh caption.
We are always chasing perfection.
We never cry.
We are never hurt.
Our smiles are only in the Filter or HD.
We check up on our phones
More than we check up on ourselves, friends or family.
Because relating that’s easy as fuck.
Just swipe left or right on Tinder.

We no longer want to share our dreams or stories with someone.
We don’t want to hug someone a minute longer because we are already thinking about Plan B.
What if there was no Plan B?
What if  we could whisper in each others ears instead of sending voicetexts?
What if we could hold each others hand and see the picturesque places we upload on Instagram?What if we could sit with each other and share our stories instead of snapping them on snapchat?What if we could look into each others eyes and make eye contact?
No I Phone, I Pad, I Mac.
Oh , but wait, this is just my fantasy.
This can’t be done.
They got us drugged.
We are always behind our screens.

We are scrolling endlessly through our news feed.
Searching for Peace.
Meaning of Life.
Error 404 :  SocialMedia can’t give us any of these.

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Shweta Advani


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