The Judas To My Jesus

The Judas To My Jesus

In the past, you weren’t able to hide

Acting with a sick parasite mind

Sneaking under my skin as you denied

Those truths too shiny to left behind

I’ve prayed so hard against the emergence

Of an old story repeating itself

You’ve dropped a kiss in all ignorance

The revealed Judas to my Jesus self

Defining moment which led to the cross

Friendship has felt the crucifixion

But it was just an ephemeral loss

As I witnessed his resurrection

Today, we can talk about acceptance

Compassion rains on your lies, on your sins

Still, why now this confusing insistence?

There are no tools to repair the ruins

Judgement Day was already pronounced

Insanity keeps you hitting the wall

Time has come to resigned, to renounced

Metal gates, locked for you to forestall

Fire sure burns when you play with it

You seem to love being pyromaniac

My last hope for you is just to quit

Before it melts your soul, final payback

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Léo Leblanc

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