Readers Thought


See how this conscious moon After sipping from the heavens eye That guides the path at noon Is secluded in the glorious  sky.  

In conversetions with Greta – My love for you

May be my love is forever but not for each moment.

Winter’s Treat.

Stock the empty shelfs for winter And serve any who'll enter through that crispy door

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice ,not a result.Nothing will make u happy until u choose to be happy.

The timing

Sometimes you separate at the wrong time to meet at the right time.

If you are afraid of your own shadow

If you are afraid of your own shadow, How will you face the substance that life is ready to offer you soon?

Black out your blackouts

  Never kneel down to blackouts in life. Darkness will curse you, pull you down, Man is not made to be cowed down, Life will...

Feel each others soul

Let us sit quietly and feel each others soul.


His smile is the reason for her breaths His longings are her desires She melts in his arms in the coldest nights. He wounded, she bleeds He crowned...

An Enigmatic Affair..!!

The LOVE-AFFAIR between 'Heart & Mind' is Inscrutable..! Contesting to LIVE with each other.. Yet, Longing to DIE together..!! ~ Monika Ajay Kaul

Only one relationship

There is only one relationship--the one that we have with our self, and all of our relationships with other people are designed to make...

Happy New Year

The New Year has just begun and the clatters are loud

“She – A Dilemma ; A Solution !!”

Those thousand existing twinges Her irresistible giggles redressed..

Scars and All

Why not be brave and bear your scars?

Delusional Girl

Delusional Girl Listen! You, the girl considered to be subtle Are u facing any glitches in communicating? People usually refer you as the less talkative Is it you...