Readers Thought

We Are Human Beings

We are human beings and ought to be here for each other, As reverently, as lovingly, By teaching the language of tolerance, of justice,

The Birds Of Imagination

The birds of imagination, No doubt or hesitation, no gravity, No names or religions, no nations, Only journey, no return, flights to unspoken desires.

Shine On – Haiku

Just a ditch lily, Everyone can’t be a rose. Shine on, common girl.


Your mind is your blueprint.

Your Promise

I don't want your blind forever promise.


Emotion and intellect; the defining lines of our mental stability in life.

The Depth Of A Woman’s Love

The Depth Of A Woman's Love She just wants your soul to be her shelter, She would build an empire if you'd love her. She'd fill your prodigal soul

That One House

That one house... There was a legend tied to that one house. It goes as told. It was said that a girl lived there with her stepmom.


Revenge (n) A place where people who are too weak to forgive go for rehabilitation.

Keeping Emotions Inside

Keeping your emotions all inside doesn't make you superficially strong,and making it flow within you doesn't make you miserably weak.


Trough The center of this world is sadness and test, Amid the tastes of emotions as major quest. The truth is evident, as colors of decree,


Is it the fear of the unknown? Or is it the fear of my own pessimism?


If only lightning could burn any sorrow into ashes, Thunder could outroar the sound of all anger, And heavy rain could wash away the pain and anguish

Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Always keep in mind that what you send out energetically, vibrationally, and intentionally is exactly what you will attract.


By accepting every moment in your life...being totally present in each and every one of those moments, know and trust that that's where You need to...Be. 

Sow To Grow

Sow To Grow You wanna know what it takes to grow? You gotta learn how to sow!

Stab Me Again

Stab Me Again She pulled the knife from her chest, blood slowly running down the middle of her torso and soaking into her silky green...

When A Man Loves You

When a man loves you, You have your wounds covered with flowers, He gives you the love about you never knew. It's only about him. And you don't need others.

Borrowed Perceptions

All our notions of empathy and altruism are shallow and bogus. Most of the time we are living our lives on the engines of borrowed perceptions.

Learn To Grow

You don't need to grow, to learn. You need to learn, to grow.


Stormy Thoughts rush in and out of my mind like a heavy wind. My chest pounds like the clouds clashing together in a thunderous boom.

Night Shift

As I put in my headphones, I reminded myself that it’s best to ignore these complaints, after working a decade on the night shift at the morgue.

Soul Business

Soul Business The lessons Life gives me are to move me ahead, No winning or losing, but for knowledge instead. As I give you my laughter,


Life is a fragment of our own imagination and an interface with so many possibilities.