Readers Thought

The Black Shoes

I had spent three years with my black shoes, And I spent on something worth I could choose. The leather was still amazing without any mark.

On The Way Back Home

The sapped mind from the heavy hours of the day. On the way back home, With pictures of monochrome. I wonder what life is to live,

Sometimes, Something….

Sometimes, Something....Sometimes we wait for something for so long, Some hope to see it in a little while.

It Breathes In Me

When they tell me,You are quiet.I change their thoughts,Without changing me,With the quietness,that breathes in me.It utters a lot more,without lips moving,Without yelling,And spilling,Without...

Find Me

Find Me You can’t see me, Until You find me.

Be a Saint

Be a Saint Your past has sins. But your present, Is the future to, Be a saint. 

Maybe, Just Maybe

And maybe, just maybe, in another heaven,My dreams will be your dreams.You see, everything repeats itself,

We Reach The End Of This Year

We Reach The End Of This Year Seven degrees and it's burning in me slowly, Dreamy eyes rolling on the unseen

Winter Thoughts

High above me, sings alone the grey skies,Quietly they breathe,Calmly they stay and stare,All up from there.

Hear My Pleas Cupid

Hear My Pleas Cupid Yet Cupid couldn't listen to my pleas but rather thrust deeper the arrow into my once iced heart

Liberty to be Prisoner!

Liberty to be Prisoner! Don't give too much liberty to someone over you, that you become their prisoner.

Excalibur ~ The sword of truth

AND WITH EXCALIBUR IN YOUR HANDS, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Yes, it may create ripples. It may illuminate the darkness. Feels uncomfortable at times

Face To Face

Face to face, earth, and heaven, eternal lovers,Talking to each other through the light.Infinite distance between them,

No Point In Stressing

No Point In Stressing. Stress doesn't lead you anywhere but hard work does.

Good People

You will surely meet good people in your life