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Heartbreak (n.) The most self-satisfying crime we can accuse someone of, who took advantage of our commitment.

The Hate

The hate sometimes rises so much that you don't feel it, like the fish doesn't feel the water.


Evolution Shaking hands in the olden days was a way of showing a stranger you weren't carrying a weapon. Fast track to modern-day 2020

Desires And Happiness

Desires And Happiness Life is a tragedy, whose trajectories lie in desires and wealth of unlimited wants. What one desires is not what always gets fulfilled

Human Beings Are The Virus

Human beings are the real virus; we should find a cure for that first.

Thank You, Mom

And she keeps you, In her heart, no matter what. She has that unconditional love, And no one can ever take her place. Thank you, Mom.

My Vision Is Dimming

My Vision Is Dimming This life of mine Is thinning, The end is near, Yet it’s only the beginning. I fear it, I feel the stars diminishing.

I Stand Alone

I stand alone, I stand on my own. Yes, I am miserable, Yes, I am crying. I will not hold on to You, I will not bow down to my whims.

Someone Who Is A True Friend

To bring you back to reverie, Someone who prays for you. That someone is a true friend and is rare. You must be so blessed if you have that someone.

Forever In My Poems

Forever In My Poems A time will come when you are going to miss me, And you would want to hug me as you have never wanted before.


Uncertainties Every morning I wake up from my bed and I ask myself a question. What should I do today? Should I go outside and explore the world?

Nature’s Bliss

Nature's Bliss Raindrops, The rhythm of ripples, Communicating music everywhere in nature. Purifying the contaminated air, Refining every particle

Life Is Upside Down

Life Is Upside Down Not touching your own nose, Not going to school, Not going to your place of worship, Not shaking hands, Washing your hands

Happiness Is In Me

Happiness Is In Me I used to believe that I needed to find someone to make me happy. I finally found that guy, that guy was me.

There’s Always Another Way

You are not as stuck as you think you are, there's always another way. You just have to be open, and clear your mind about the disappointment.

Memory Lane

Whenever I am down, sad or depressed, I don't look at the mirror but rather I go through old pictures down memory lane to see how far I have come,

In My Poems

Sorrows and pain visited me, They made my heartache, And my tears flowed like rain. I embedded everything, In my poems. Then laughter and giggles came,

Hustle In Silence

Hustle In Silence Hide your progress, Till it can no longer hide itself.

Thoughts For You Only

Only Random scribblings, Random thoughts, True feelings, Misguided notions, Random expressions. I am beautiful with Your thoughts,

Some Days Ago

Some days ago, We were catching the sunshine outside our door, Time felt like moving so fast, And now every tick counts for an hour or more.

Just Hold On For Some Days

Just Hold On For Some Days The sunset eyes, The spirals of clouds, Gobbled some pieces of day and night, Atoms of silence on the wall so loud.


It's very hard to forgive someone you have never got an apology from, but it's quintessential for your own growth. Sooner we learn this

Two Ways To Live In Love

You don't know, how to live in love, I don't know, how to live lovelessly. There are two ways to live in Love! One you never wanted, and another I never wished.

Powerful Angels

Inside me, powerful angels cure thoughts.