Nights Takes Everything With It

Nights takes everything with it

The nights overshadow the blues Giving a comfort for a while Forgetting everything as it never happened
– Shobhna Kanwar

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The Power of a Growth Mindset: How to Unlock Your Potential

an open letter

The world we live in dwells in the paradox of dualistic forces. Duality transcends into the nurture of every being that fights itself daily. With the advent of technology and the shift of humanity towards digitalisation, we are accustomed to forge a connection online but in real time, the connection is lost.

Mind is a complex being and it is easily influenced by the things we are surrounded by, the content we consume and people that we deem close.

Humans are complex individuals and we can never be satisfied with what we own in the present moment. Ambition and contentment are two sides of the same coin and one can only be one of them is a myth. You can foster a sense of contentment and yet be

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An Open Letter To The Ones Feeling Uncertain

the power of a growth mindset

I often ponder the idea of existentialism and its essence in the presence of humanity. Evolution trotted in silent footsteps and bled over its entirety, transforming humans into the complex beings we are today. The social construct that generations before us built fostered connection, but it overlooked the idea of authenticity while embracing each other. The world we live in promotes the counterfeited fallacy of having your life together at every cycle and step of our lives.

The digitalization of media and virtual connections connect us with the world at any corner but leave us cornered with isolation and antisociality. The stalled belief in being successful and achieving milestones by a certain age as dictated by the realm of the civilised community we live in often forces us to doubt our worth. That belief is projected by the glimmer and forgery of social media. Where people are plastering and concealing th

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The Winds of Change

the wind of change

The rustling air that weighs down its foes in thin airAnd fights for its lustrous allies with a drastic flare.The metamorphosis that transcends over the looms of the descending winds of the downfall Galore over the rhythmic beats of banter loud and tall.

Life builds its tale one stance at a time, bellowing its mystic valour striking its truth to benign.To fight against it trods you ensnared in the myths of comfort that loathe your soul,To evolve into its being that in animosity of doom absolves.

Ignorance is bliss until it severs its fangs into your success deep,Happiness dwells under the skin of the promises you are meant to keep.Stalling over the truce of indiscipline,You exist in the stranded sense of thine,

To embrace joy, you need to keep your pride on the li

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Beginnings and ends are fragments of each other

Beginnings and ends are fragments of each other

Sauntering into the depths of my mind,I untangled the chaotic catastrophe of doubt that crept into the hindLapsed into the sands of time and stridden by the labour of life,The insanity of longing to escape defeated the art of pragmatism of being alive.

Diving into the realm of sadness, melancholy beckoned its valour mighty and tallThe agony that surmounted the soul, built around its walls.For I have known, the depths of love that bloom with every breath,And the pain it gifts wrapped in doom that shatters the soul,The heart ruins itself before reaching its deathbed.

With every heartbreak, the spirit sheds its yearning for the amorous hue of glim,The memories served on a plate serve as reminders of him.Love – the beauty of it illuminates the darkness of the loomsBut the plight it endows drowns us in

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10 Reminders You Might Need To Hear Today If You Are Suffering From A Burnout

reminders you might need to hear

The word hustle is often emphasized a lot by the social media influencers and motivational videos, the world we dwell in is established by humans who thrive in whatever they stumble upon.

Society has emerged from the foundationalism of being ultra productive every day to achieve milestones after milestones in every step of your trajectory. But the question lies how do we stay fluid towards every circumstance life brings upon us and work tirelessly towards our aims and desires. Achievements are often sources of validation for self that build our esteem and trust in the decisions we make for ourselves. It is normal for an individual to not forge their way restricted by the timelines that are benchmarked upon us. Here are 10 reminders that will he

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Romanticisation And Trivialization Of Mental Health

Romanticisation And Trivialization Of Mental Health

Generation Z has made it clear that they consider themselves one of if not the most open generation. This is not surprising as they grew up in the age of technology, with so much information at their fingertips.

This allowed them to have different perspectives on issues at an early age, making them more likely to discuss them openly. Specifically, Gen Z has widened the gap between mental health and stigma, with 27% able to report their mental health as fair or poor (Bethune). Although the destruction of mental health is a big step forward, it also brought a new problem: the love of mental illness. For many, the internet has become a way to cope with their mental illness, allowing for open discussion on topics such as depression, anxiety, and ea

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Learning To Fly Alone Taught Me Well

Learning to fly alone taught me well

Learning to fly alone taught me well. because I didn’t get what I wanted, I learned to become strong and self reliant.- Debra Pry