Mind Talk


Because you are a person full of mystique.


Silence demands the expression that beats around the bush.

Flying Monkey

When a flying monkey flew into our house.

Silent Treatment

Because silence will be earned in the months hence.

Teachings of Life

It's all about the teachings of life.

Positive Thinking Is An Optimistic Attire

Thinking positive is about making oneself to believe and not getting discouraged when plans do not work as expected.

Love The Way We Want

Love me like a flower to spread fragrance and positivity.

Our Life In These Smiles

Our life is surrounded by these smiles.

Arising From The Depth of Dark

Overcome the darkness to live through another day.

Beyond Normal

Beyond normal I have nothing to seek.

Windows Open Forever

Why can't we keep the windows open?


Because I can feel your absence

Loss of A Friend

Because you were my friend