Mind Talk

Magic Tricks

They had met 20 years prior on the corner of Rodeo Dr. and Hollywood Blvd, both performing magic tricks solo, for anyone who wouldn't turn their nose up

Lockdown Thoughts

How have you been taking this lockdown? What are your lockdown thoughts amidst this global crisis and quarantine situation?

Fun House

Fun House It was just like in the storybooks; the house on the corner of the street. Creepy and dark, with overgrown weeds

What Kind Of Lover Would You Be?

What kind of lover would you be? Would you take us to a sacred place on the edge of where the world dissolves and we begin?


Possessed She sat at the top of the stairs, waiting for her parents to stop arguing. Their voices had become a sound, rather than words and she didn't care

Ending Possession

Ending Possession The color of her eyes, the stench protruding from her pores, her voice when she spoke was raspy and monotone.

Project Your Personality Through Good Behavior

Do you know that you can accurately project your personality through good behavior, a heart full of love, and a humble attitude?

A New Perspective On Children Fighting

Do you believe that children fighting is completely wrong, and anytime that happens, grown-ups should intervene immediately?

Warrior Training 3: Conscious Embodiment

Do you want to be a real-life warrior, who is the epitome of courage, resilience, and true strength? Then warrior training is the perfect answer to that!

Connection With The Earth

As soon as I took my shoes off, I realized what I've been missing for 2 months - connection with the earth. Call it magic, or whatever you want

To All the Friends I’ve Lost

To All the Friends I've Lost Do we even realize, how fast our lives are on the go? So as I sit here in my living room, and contemplate the life I have lived

Looking For Something

All my life, I have been looking for something. Something, that won’t make me feel small. Something, that would keep me going, Give me a reason to live.

The Existence Of Our Being

The existence of our very being is not just you and me, it has associations and affiliations. Bonds and strings attached.

Jargon Of Love

Jargon Of Love It’s suddenly transparent that I’m no longer a dreamer. The vitality of our partnership prevails over apprehension.

Returning Home

Returning Home Universe has a voice. It has a way of speaking to us and guiding us. These days humanity is waking up to witness something unprecedented

The Labyrinth

We reside in your head, Feed on your thoughts. So where do you run? Why do you hide? For in this Labyrinth. You shall forever bide~

Experiencing The Beauty Of Gratitude

Do you practice gratitude in your everyday life? What are you grateful for today? Gratitude has become my grounding exercise.

The Importance Of Time Out For A Time In For Children

Have you ever put your child in time out, because of their bad behavior? Ever thought about going for the "time out for a time in" route?

For When Spiritual Awakening Gets Lonely

Spiritual Awakening Can Be Fun... Until It Isn’t...At first, the world seems beautiful, you see everything and everyone for what they truly are

Managing Anxiety During The Time Of Coronavirus

Learning how to manage anxiety related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) will serve you well in this topsy turvy world that we live in now.

Life, God and Love

Life is a game. A game in which everyone feels he/she will be the winner at the end of every throw of the dice of luck- luck that only God decides.

Seek the Beauty – an INFJ’s tribute to Introverted Intuition

Seek the Beauty A world covered with dusty blankets, Dead, buried in its misery, Torn, muddy, spoiled in aesthetics. My fingertips run the coarse surface

The Power Of Visualization and Meditation

Do you know the immense power of visualization and meditation, and if practiced daily and diligently, can bring about positive changes in your life?

Finding True Love

Finding true love is one of the most common journeys we go through. At first, we might think that finding love should be easy.