Those Days That Make Me Tough

Those Days That Make Me Tough

I remember the days when I feel drown by struggles in life that seem like an eternity.

Those days affect me in some way.

I stumble and fall but then I rose with strong pride and dignity.

And now I looked back at those days. I smile and say to myself.

Thank you for all the sad and memorable experienced. That makes me tough and accept WHO I AM TODAY.

– By Jenfebes M.




    Reckless thoughts make the day.

    Wish to go and never stay.

    There is no compromise

    In the hell-like paradise;

    While the demons coming near.

    Empty feeling is not clear

    Junked up silence breaks the day.

    From yourself, to be away

    When weird fishes are all here

    Never mind them, not a bit.

    Bring the package to your feet.

    Find the courage to admit

    Self-confusion and dismay

    All the pray to no avail

    Sour feelings of defeat

    Should have never been so sweet

    Open window in the room

    Have your sail to the moon

    There’s nothing left to say

    Have a go and never stay.

    -By Artem Stelmakh

      The Devil In Me

      The Devil In Me

      Dissatisfied from life, I know;
      Finding no way, hitherto;
      Cooking all lies, craving for dough;
      Catering for acceptance, losing ourselves though;

      Pleasure over pain, times otherwise so;
      Corrupting the innocence, temptations from libido;
      Feigning a laugh, crying beneath o’;
      Conforming sick society, dying on row;

      Such is my fate? or Can I  change in-a-mo;
      Who is the devil, reason for my woe;
      Behold him I cry, searching his glow;
      Swaying with fear, from head to toe;

      Small steps I took, determined but slow;
      Catching his sight, I raised my brow;
      I asked his cause, threatening a blow;
      I’m the seed, he smacked, I’m the seed you sow.

      -By Chetan Harjani



      FEELINGS …

      I feel, your Absence 

      When you are not around.

      I feel I am so Happy 

      When you are with me

      I feel, Love when I look 

      into your Eyes

      I feel I can Hear you even 

      when you are not talking.

      I feel, being Myself when 

      you are Beside me

      I feel, jolt without electric shock 

      when I See Coming You

      One of the things which I always feel is. 

      When I Meet you, I Want to Meet you More

      When I See you, I want to See you More

      When I Touch you, I want to Touch you All over.

      -By Ravinder Virdi

        Loss of A Friend

        Loss of A Friend

        I found out on Facebook
        At first I didn’t know how or why
        Then I was informed

        So many feelings and thoughts rushed me
        I felt like I couldn’t breath
        I became dizzy

        That was three
        Three people in my life gone
        Atleast three felt the way you did
        I have felt the way you did

        What’s the difference between you and me
        Why do I choose to continue on
        And why did you choose not to

        Why did you feel so alone
        Were you scared
        Did you consider the effect

        Your pain was to much to bare
        You tried to get help
        You never got it
        You fought and you lost
        We all lost

        I felt guilty for not knowing
        I felt guilty for not doing something
        I felt tormented

        You were outspoken
        You were funny
        You were so loved
        You were my friend

        -By Jenn New

          I Follow These Simple Steps To Keep Myself Fit

          I Follow These Simple Steps To Keep Myself Fit

          Many people go to the gym every day and still don’t get the results they want to. Eventually, this leads them to quit the gym.

          However, no one actually wants to quit. You started going to the gym because you wanted to get fit and it is a great thing. But lack of knowledge and improper training are the factors that make people quit.

          The trainers in the gyms nowadays do not have time to train everyone and hence, people don’t know if they are doing the exercises properly or not. And the biggest reason for poor results is improper exercising.

          There are a lot of things that you need to take care of when you are working out. It’s not just a part of your routine, fitness is a lifestyle. You need to set a new schedule, diet plan, and goals for yourself.

          I’ve met many people who struggle with proper workout and a balanced diet. I love to help people with my experience because I am physically fit with the help of my diet and workout plan (not bragging). I have managed to bring together a set of some steps that will help you a lot with your workouts, be it gains or losses.


          So, here are some steps that I follow to keep myself physically fit and healthy:

          Follow A Balanced Diet Of Carbs And Proteins

          Diet is one of the most important parts of a workout. Most people fail to set up a properly balanced diet of the required nutrients. With my experience, I can say that a balanced diet of proteins and carbs every day works the best for a person who is working out.

          Carbs will provide you the energy required every day and proteins will help you a lot in muscle gain. Plus, a pre-workout and a post-workout meal are very crucial for a proper build of the body. Here’s an example of a balanced protein and carbs workout diet that I follow:

          • 8-9 eggs in a day for protein
          • Brown bread with peanut butter at least once in a day for carbs
          • An apple or papaya in a day
          • A pre-workout meal such as black coffee just before you hit the gym
          • A post-workout meal (carbs and proteins if you workout in the morning and only proteins if you workout in the evening)
          • Green coffee or green tea once in a day (preferably after lunch)
          • A cheat meal per week just to keep the required amount of fats in your body

          Now, you can arrange the meals according to your schedule but make sure you take in the required amount of nutrients to maintain a balanced diet. The reason for drinking black coffee before a workout is that it provides the required amount of energy and you will feel less fatigue after a workout if you do this.

          Set Short Term Goals To Keep Yourself Going

          The biggest mistake that leads people to quit the gym is setting long term goals such as making abs or an attractive physique.

          While it’s good to be determined, most people quit just after 3-4 months of not getting the desired results.

          And the sad part is that it’s normal and can happen to anyone. So, instead of setting such goals we must focus on short term goals like increasing the weight or the number of reps per set every week.

          Doing this will give you a sense of accomplishment when you surpass your previous performance and will also keep you going.

          This will eventually result in a healthy addiction to workouts and fitness, ultimately making you fit. I follow the same short term goals and it has helped me a lot.

          Work On Different Muscles Every Day

          You must’ve heard some people saying that today is either their chest day or leg day or back day in the gym.

          This is the best way to get the desired results. Make a schedule according to the days of the week and mix a big muscle with one or two small muscles to maintain the balance of your body. Here’s an example of a proper workout plan according to days of the week:

          • Monday: Chest and Triceps
          • Tuesday: Back and Biceps
          • Wednesday: Legs and Abs
          • Thursday: Rest
          • Friday: Chest and Triceps/Back and Biceps (change alternatively week after week)
          • Saturday: Legs
          • Sunday: Rest

          Now, the reason why Chest, Legs, and Back need two days in a week is that they are big muscles compared to abs, biceps, triceps and other muscles. And the two-day rest is because resting is as important as working out and diet.

          Start The Workout With Proper Warm-Up And Cooldown

          A warm-up is important as it gets you started and opens up your muscles for the intense workout that follows and is required for a good physique.



            He warned me not to go

            To this place that we call home

            He warned me that there is dark

            That all is just the myth

            That I will die in grief

            That I’m choosing the wrong

            But not listening I went on

            Like a fallen angel

            Betraying my own n saviour

            And here now I realise

            What actually I have lost

            What all I sacrificed

            For mere people, for mere feelings

            Now here I am asking for his forgiveness

            To take me back again

            To his land

            And let this soul wander

            In the pool of peace and love.

            -By Shobhna Kanwar

              As I Find My Way

              As I Find My Way

              There are so many reasons why I went away. I simply could not manage the day today. Locked away inside my tainted haven.

              Coping with what was beyond comprehension. I have to protect myself as I struggle to survive in this world.

              Energies hitting me from all sides. Draining my spirit while my soul swims in white light. My mind works overtime just like the machines of this time. Filtering all the vibes takes more time while my body declines.

              It is all connected….the heart, body, soul, and mind. I go at my pace now after falling so far behind. Living in the moment as if it’s my last time. Loving has saved me and losing has taught me.

              I do not see what many others believe to be. I believe in what I feel, think, and see. The beauty all around me and the good in all you see.

              That is the best life for me, full of music and the sea. Mountains and plains as far as the eye can see.

              I am finding my home and getting lost on the way. Endless journeys through space and time, leaving miracles in its wake.

              – By Jennifer Steen


                This Is Why a Relationship Has to Be a Fair Game

                This Is Why a Relationship Has to Be a Fair Game

                Let’s face it – we can no longer think everything has to be black or white nowadays.

                We need to accept that anything in the world we live in has gray areas–and so do our relationships. Is it scary? Fear not! It is actually a pretty good balance, but for it to be so, we first need to agree on that reality.

                Once we have acknowledged that notion, it all begins with self-acceptance. Therefore, what we think about our own true selves, and the way we respect ourselves draws the lines and structure of our relationship.

                Once we have settled our own values and standards comes the time to think about how we would like to handle our love with a certain person we met at some point.

                Be ready for it because we might follow some instructions—like if we were playing Monopoly—so we can eventually be successful in creating strong bonds with that specific someone and make them last.

                A relationship is somewhat like a game. A game with instructions. A game that is supposed to have two winners.

                Instead of competing, we are supporting an exceptional game with an exceptional teammate—the best teammate we might ever have. That game has rules, boundaries, and strategies, yet we want to make sure that both of us agree to the instructions based on a win-win situation.

                It has to be a fair game that doesn’t lead us or our beloveds to become a hermit, that doesn’t make us or them feel mistreated or less powerful, and that doesn’t allow any control freak.

                With that being said, we should never ever expect that that person can make us feel complete. If we do so, we might not feel happy for many, many years throughout our lives. Why?

                Simply because some relationships are not meant to be. Some relationships don’t work any longer after a while.

                And let’s be realistic here; if a breakup has to be official, if a divorce has to be signed–What do we have left if we put all our energies in this relationship? What do we have left if we have always sacrificed our own needs in order to accommodate our partner’s desires first?

                It is nobody’s role to make us feel happy or accomplished in our lives, it is our own duty before anything else. As a unique individual, we all have some issues to deal with. We all have some concerns to think of. We all have some difficulties to face… and that’s a lot for a human, isn’t it?

                So, when it comes the time to meeting that person, spending time with them, developing feelings for them, and finally sharing love with them, we obviously don’t expect this relationship to be an additional issue in our lives (as we genuinely don’t want to give them a hard time.) We are just willing to live that love story of ours in the best conditions, and it is actually understandable.

                As a result, that person who sincerely loves us makes us feel good, comfortable, peaceful, and all the rest.

                Yet, all those “good” feels are not about our personal well-beings, but about the relationship per se.

                The world is made of a wide range of types of people. Nobody is the same, and we need to accept the fact that you, her, him, and I all think, talk, act, behave, and feel differently. The universe is moving forward, and so are we and our lovers. But again, it is all on us to make a decision, and it is our personal jobs to ask ourselves–Are we ready for it? Are we ready to believe in it?

                We all have different interests—thank God. Sometimes we meet people who like the same things as ours. Some other times, we find people who don’t share the same passions. This fact may be real in our relationship as well, but it’s okay; we don’t need to fake it, we don’t need to pretend anything.

                Therefore, we don’t have to step back because we don’t like everything our partners like or because they don’t have the same hobbies as ours–we don’t have to step back because they don’t binge on Netflix or don’t like the Marvels. 

                  A Poetry Lover

                  A Poetry Lover

                  Words can flare quick fires
                  Takes the bridge to the world to crackle
                  Flying embers all over the places
                  Settling down upon my old pages
                  Felt little uneasy
                  So, I falter
                  Sink into the backwater.

                  I’ve learned to wear a smile for every laugh
                  I discover myself more to all those talks
                  So, it doesn’t matter anyway
                  Time is not lucky as every day
                  The freedom of sky breathes as much as for you and me
                  Sometimes the things aren’t so simple as we try to see.

                  You may yell, you may mock
                  But who can stop the ticking clock?
                  I shall save some flints of fire for you
                  Carry like beacons while the nights are bad to wander through
                  Someday all your love shall pour upon me forever
                  Until then, I’m just a poetry lover.

                  – By Arun Bahadur Gurung

                    What All You Can See?

                    What All You Can See?

                    Walk with me through this unending journey
                    And tell me, my friend, what all you can see?
                    Is it that tender touch of flowering and decay?
                    Or incessant showers of summer days
                    It might be about the seamless rise and fall of the tides
                    That loosens you a little with all good vibes
                    Or do you often dream of the yellowing willows?
                    That winter skies and through the grey chimneys, smoke that billows
                    Is it something about that sweet tweets and fragrant air?
                    All with the spells of the shadows goes dark, dead and disappear
                    Or do you never think of those long, lonely and loveless nights
                    Sinking you until blessed with the warmth of another daylight.

                    – By Arun Bahadur Gurung

                      Chirping Bird and Memories

                      Chirping Bird and Memories

                      Have you ever listened to a chirping bird

                      and make you miss someone so bad

                      Every tweet and every chirp

                      Make old moments flash back

                      Time when you can touch

                      Her tired and wrinkled hand

                      And stroke her silver gray hair

                      Days when you would listen

                      To her stories of cry and laugh

                      As you wish you could hug her tight

                      Then tears begin to flow

                      Suddenly the birds stop chirping

                      when you come to reverie

                      That all you have at the present

                      is but a treasured memory.

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                        Musk Deer O Dear O Dear

                        Musk Deer, “She” Is

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                        What She has, she does not know,

                        But what I want, 

                        I can only see it’s with her,

                        What she can, she couldn’t do

                        What I seek, I can only find in her

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                        What she is trying to discover, 

                        she is carrying within

                        What she is trying to set free, 

                        she is holding within

                        What she is trying to vintage, she buried inside

                        What she is trying to hold, she released inside

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                        What she doesn’t know is 

                        Musk lies in her own heart,

                        But she roams in the forest, it to seek from others

                        What she doesn’t know is 

                        Musk is what she was born with!

                        But she roams in the world, it to seek from others

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                        Everything is inside you, just try to hear

                        Everything is beside you, just try to bear

                        Nothing is impossible, just try my dear

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                        Musk Deer, O Dear O Dear

                          The Liar

                          The Liar

                          Staggering stack of lies on the table

                          To half an inch from a free fall

                          The golden gilded throne higher than all

                          Strong and stubborn standing so tall

                          The fast fingers fidgeting over

                          Showing colors of promises and future

                          A veteran striker of all good games

                          Overbearing heart and a cash-stuffed frame

                          Wearing a medallion of vanity and pride

                          Brushed everything else aside

                          Such relentless dreams

                          Chasing hard by all means

                          Countless aches and tears

                          Some superfluous words to hear

                          That quietly disappear in the air.

                            Good Fear, Bad Fear

                            good fear bad fear

                            There are two kinds of fear: good fear and bad fear.

                            Good fear is the kind of fear that tells you to cross the street for “some strange reason.” The kind of fear that gives you superhuman strength in dealing with sudden danger. The kind of fear that immediately threatens your physical survival and that prepares you for dealing in the short term.

                            That’s the good kind. It’s rooted in our animal instinct of pure and absolute protection of ourself and our clan. Good fear that we only want to experience a few times in life if possible.

                            Then there’s bad fear. The fear that creates the same kind of physical sensation you get from good fear: increased heart rate. Blood flow to the extremities. Rapid short breath. Bad fear is rooted in all the “What if blahblahblah happens?” What if? What if? What if? Bad fear keeps us on the treadmill of mediocrity. Bad fear keeps blood out of the brain, where we need it the most in order to make effective decisions.


                            Why do we get bad fear and how do we deal with it?

                            We get bad fear because we want it. Fear in the short term can be good. Fear in the big picture and in the long term is not good. It wears us down. It’s chemically addictive. It prevents us from using our brains. And most importantly, we create bad fear because it keeps us right where we are. Hobbling us, bad fear chains us to the world we know. Bad fear saps us of life, slowly. It must be destroyed.


                            Why and how does it do this? 

                            Bad fear keeps us from changing. We don’t want change because change is scary. Yep. Change is scary, and so we’d prefer to keep things stagnant, not change, and staying fearful is a great way to stay put. But here’s the funny part: Everything will change! And it’s the clinging to “the way things are” that actually causes the most pain and suffering, within us and around us.

                            So, what to do? Embrace change and kill bad fear.

                            We cling to that safe harbor of the “known” because the unknown wide ocean is just so darn unknown, so knee-wobbly scary. But consider this, what if the early explorers always kept to the same known safe harbors. Who would have finally ventured out, way out, into the wild blue ocean to seek and journey? For what? For the unknown. For change. It takes courage to venture to the unknown territories of ourselves and the world around us. To venture to the unknown. Here’s how to do it:


                            1. Harness Energy

                            A car with no gas goes nowhere. Without energy, we go nowhere. Seems obvious and yet so few really focus on how to create and harness our internal energy. Our energy comes from what we put in our bodies (mostly vegetables, organic, and no processed foods), how much we recharge (sleep 8 hours a night), and how well we take care of our machinery (exercise – something, anything, just use the body). Our energy is our most important asset. No energy no change, just a lot of fear and loathing and stagnancy. Start with the energy or you’ll go nowhere.


                            2. Practice Awareness

                            With a full tank of energy, we can begin. To see. To hear. To become aware of the situation at hand. Just labeling the actual fear disassociates it from us and allows the first step in moving forward, relaxing, and changing to a “towards, positive” state of being. There’s a quote I like, “If you know what you’re doing, then you can do what you want” (Moshe Feldenkrais). It’s true.

                            Learn to practice being aware and things get clearer and easier to deal with. Learn to practice awareness. Rituals (like tea!) certainly help by serving as awareness training grounds. Just noticing things, feelings, sensations, surroundings, helps prevent getting overwhelmed by them. Feeling fearful? Notice the feeling, and label it “fear.” Notice what happens. Does it get more or less consuming?


                            3. Focus

                            While awareness let’s “see” and identify what’s happening, focus let’s “harness” our energy to do something about it. The key with focus is that it requires banishing distraction. First becoming aware of it, then banishing it. But distraction feels good. It’s addictive. It releases dopamine, a chemical in our body that is released when we see something new (it’s meant to protect us by drawing our attention to a new threat). Similar to cocaine actually in the feel-good effects. And yet getting distracted hurts awareness. And if we’re not aware then we stay stuck, in that sticky safety of the known. Focus is connected to awareness because we need to be aware of that pull of distraction. But, we need the energy and strength to say “no” to it, to remain on task, to stay focused. Good ample energy, gives us willpower, to stay focused.

                              The Value Of Good Character And Appreciating Life

                              The Value Of Good Character And Appreciating Life

                              Character is the sum total of one’s distinctive mental and moral qualities. Character can be good, bad, strong, weak, stable or unstable. When we say a person has a good character we mean he is sincere, honest, tolerant helpful and dependable. On the other hand, when we talk of someone who lacks good character, we mean he is selfish, a cheat, a cheat, a liar and unreliable.

                              A man must form his attitudes and convictions carefully and stick to them hen made, even the opinion of the crowd disproves his attitudes and convictions. At every moment we should be honest and just to ourselves with our own counsel and not merely try to appear just outwardly to others. Our attitudes should reflect the norm and principles that guide our reason and conviction. “A good name is better than precious ointment.”

                              Character is one of the greatest motive powers in the world. In its noblest embodiments, it exemplifies human nature in its highest form for it exhibits man at his best.

                              However, the character is not a natural endowment we are born with. Character is something that each individual forms of himself. Home is an important school of character formation. It is in the home that every human being receives the best training or the worst.


                              The environment also influences the character formation of the young.

                              A man’s happiness consists not in the outward and visible blessings of fortune but in the inward and unseen perfections and riches of the mind.

                              Few individuals can see themselves as others see them “ Am I like that ?” they exclaim. When someone points out their fault, they resent it. The man who understands and corrects himself can achieve success. It is not enough to have good intentions to be good; one must discipline oneself to a good life and to good actions.

                              “Character is property” It is the noblest of possessions. It is one estate in the general goodwill and respect of men; and those who invest in it though they may not become rich in this world’s goods, they will find their reward in esteem and reputation fairly and honorably won.


                              Intellectual gifts have no relation to purity or excellence of character. A handful of a good life.

                              Don’t think that by putting a good appearance you become good. It is folly to imagine that by wrapping oneself in fine clothes one has covered one’s indecency when the greater indecency of a bad character is still exposed character is not formed in a day; it is a slow process. Every action, every thought, every thought, every feeling contributes to the education of our faculties, attitudes, and habits.

                              The brave man, the man of character, is an inspiration to others. Something about him attracts others and as it drew them to follow him. If a man of character is appointed to a high office, immediately everyone feels that “things will improve”

                              And so it is with career and character of great men. This may die, but their ideas and examples live on to guide and enlighten others. Good examples bring good. As you go about your daily life teach others by your example and character.

                              If we work upon marble, it will perish. If we work upon a brass time will efface it. If we rear temples they will crumble to dust. But if we work upon men’s immortal, if we imbue them with high principles, with just fear of God and love of their fellow men, we engrave and which will brighten and brighten to all eternity.

                              Every man has in himself a continent of undiscovered character, happy is he who acts the Columbus to his own soul. If you want to be original just try being yourself because God has never made two people exactly alike.

                              Life is what you make of it, so why not make it good? You may not be able to change everything you want about your life but you can start by making changes to the way you see what’s happening in your life. Next, begin changing the things you can by having a clear focus of what you do want. Remember, if your focus is on how things are going badly, that’s exactly what you’ll attract more of the negativity because this is the message you’re projecting. On the other hand, if your focus is positive experiences, joy, laughter- then that’s what you’re sending out to the universe. Think carefully, listen to your thoughts and dump the ones that hold you back instead invest your heart and energy in the positive, forward-moving thoughts.

                                The Rain

                                The rain

                                The cool droplets fall

                                Calming the Sunbeams
                                Renews the green leaves
                                Refreshing the cool breeze
                                Revives the old trees
                                Rejuvenating the new buds
                                Embraces the fresh petals
                                Imbibing the craving earth’s crust
                                Quenches the extensive thirst
                                And as I gape and gaze
                                The cool shower surge and pour
                                Washing away my falling tears
                                Pacifies my longwinded fears
                                Opening up the knots in my mind
                                Conciliates the pain concealed
                                Hushing away the internal debates
                                Soothes my hidden aches
                                Silencing my inner chaos
                                Revives and rejuvenates my soul!

                                  Tapping Into Your Consciousness And Feeding Off On Your Energy

                                  Tapping Into Your Consciousness

                                  The topic of tapping into your consciousness and feeding off on your energy is finally being addressed in the community.

                                  From what I see and hear, also have felt throughout the journey that it was one of the main causes of trigger even for me. But the truth is that china mastika is a state of consciousness in awakening when your crown chakra is leaking. Not specifically from you but in mass thoughts reach to those who connect to the collective consciousness in the old ways.

                                  You can stop that by doing your inner work and connecting to the source in the portal above the crown chakra in Angel Star Chakra Consciousness. This is the G777 consciousness.

                                  I am aware because I was born as an earth angel. That can intimidate you but it’s my living reality. I am a love fairy. But to be connected to the state of consciousness I am in,you need do the shadow work till you are truly clear to your conscience absolutely transparently. Then anyone attempting to tap into your consciousness consciously will not be allowed to but will be redirected to the source within, to God. You have the free will to do so. I have done it too and I feel glad I choose to protect myself from the energy drain out of different shades.

                                  But the new way and ultimate way is to the first choice to do your inner work, your shadow work. In this video, we will be working on how to not allow the consciousness tapping in to happen. The attitude of protesting that your idea is being stolen is the source of the idea and knowledge in the first place that thoughts travel. Now understanding that definitely you don’t want your thoughts to travel in the first place. So make the conscious decision of sealing your chakras allowing no thought to be traveling in the first place.

                                  They are your thoughts, you have a problem if they travel. You should claim them as yours and let them travel through you, in form of you then and there as you have them. In this way, you will not be intimidated.

                                  The way to seal your chakra and stay in alignment without having to deal with anything at all is to speak your heart and mind out and that is when new thoughts are given birth to you along with new ideas. The expansion is never-ending. It’s very important to do your inner work and understand the frequencies are connected to the chakra points. The chakra alignment is an integral part of the healing process with clearing and healing. But that is never enough. The real healing is in the deep shadow work and that’s is what ultimately thins the veil.

                                  The basic agenda of shadow work is choosing to see your darkness than running from it. I have been a writer all my life, I have been a content developer literally forever but I had my period of creative writing blockage too and I am more than thankful to it from there I learned healing found many new avenues to earn and expand my business. This cultivated in me the idea that you can always be open to new ways of earning and having more ways to earn money. You create your reality and no other script direct your life. But your script where you write about your great health, great wealth, great abundance, great love and so on. But lack consciousness gives you a sense of competition when your focus diverts to who you are competing with than the target that it’s your life and your purpose. My focus never derailed and I was always on point because my target was to motivate more people, make them understand there is more to life. Some received my information in gratitude and some in a state of competition .it had a respective impact on them and their organs within. Who felt gratitude felt my love and who was competing felt restlessness, intimidated, burns, irks but that is called karma. I knew the source of my creation was a journey within. As a writer, I can tell you the best that nobody is stealing your state of consciousness. It’s all within. Each chakra holds memories and memories hold the wisdom and understanding the wisdom leads to liberation.

                                    The Art of Deception

                                    The Art of Deception


                                    I have deceiving looks. Don’t all of us have? We deceive others, almost every day of our lives. We fake smiles when we are blanketed by an avalanche of mundane thoughts, and worries of our lives.

                                    The other day, I was in tears, and suddenly a cousin called, asking me about my typical diet plans. We spoke for an hour. For a second, he didn’t come to know that I am not okay. That’s deceiving of a kind and it’s an art.

                                    Painstakingly, I removed the heaviness from my voice, my irritable mood, and gathered my thoughts to address the way I always do, with zeal and enthusiasm.

                                    I have learned to deceive. I have been learning it forever now. To say, I am okay, when I am at the worst is a habit now. I drive to work engrossed in a million thoughts, and as I reach office, I start with pleasurable smiles on my face, bright flashes of hi and hello and so on.

                                    How was my weekend? Oh, it sucked, but all I say is- hey I totally rocked it, watched everything possible on Netflix, ate what I loved, and so on.

                                    I keep losing myself in a preoccupied mind every single second, but I deceive and pretend to completely participate in any discussion at work.

                                    A little personal, but my toilet seat is my thinking pad. I don’t deceive there. I think original and talk in my head the way I should to every possible voice around me. I reply to those who think too little of me or too much of me. I deal with all the insecurities in the most concocted ways.

                                    Basically, deception is for others, and in a way it’s mandatory. Because, if am an original in my own ways, the world would suck. No one likes bitter comebacks, raw behavior, and heedless gestures. I like to deceive and I will go on, no matter how spurious I feel within.

                                      Respond, Don’t React

                                      Respond Donot React

                                      How often do we see parents reaching out to slap their child for his behavior instead of hearing the child out? Often, I’m sure! Why; even we are sometimes guilty of reacting instead of responding.

                                      It’s easier and spontaneous to REACT, while it takes patience and a deep understanding of your own child to RESPOND.

                                      However, what happens is that when we react, we are unconsciously putting up a wall between us and our child. The child, who gets punished and shouted at once, will think twice before coming to the parent either with a complaint or with concern.

                                      We REACT not just to our child’s mischief but also to what we perceive as mischief. So for example, you are at your child’s school and the teacher says that your child was caught sleeping in class or talking to his friends in class; your immediate reaction would be to look at your child and say; “Stupid kid, why can’t you pay attention? Why are you so naughty? I should punish you.” You will then go on to tell the teacher to punish your child.

                                      What you could so instead ask your child, “Were you sleepy? Did you not get enough sleep at night? What happened? Maybe you should have asked mam for permission to go wash your face.” Or “Was there something important for you to tell your friend? Would it not have been better to wait till the class got over to talk more freely? Don’t you think what you did was wrong!”

                                      What happens with the second approach is that your child will be more willing to open up to you and to reach out to you when he is in trouble or needs help. You are opening up and keeping open all means of communication with your child. Isn’t that what we aim for… a transparent communication channel between our parents and our children!!!

                                      REACTION spoils the situation while RESPONSE enables a better and deeper understanding. So RESPOND…do not REACT!!!

                                      respond dont react