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    Dance is a beautiful art It is a marriage of mind and heart. healing power For any pain like a little shower.It is a pure expression Of love and compassion. More

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    Lost tribe

    it works for me,I believe in miracles,I believe in magic of words,I believe in coincidences of symbols,I Believe in music of rain & thunder, More

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    Moments pass by,Then new moments come ,In the mood of the moment ,You don’t become transitory ,There will be moments of happiness More

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    Once he was a little boy Running around with joy Unaware of what the world is Life meant just a bliss.In a few years, he started going to school More

  • Tin Man

    Tin Man

    I have become the tin man heartless and numb,  In walks a girl I’m certain is the one.  Enter the walls I built to keep you out, You’ll probably sense fear and plenty of doubt. Brush my wounds until it fuses,  Tell me you’ll stay and heal my bruises.  Guide my hand onto your heart, […] More

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    The Red Rose

    Inside the black suit pinned a red rose For the special one That the heart already knows Life has spawned in a new dawn When the two souls would be finally together And the red rose would be something to remember A symbol of love and affection A hope flying in a new direction No […] More

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