Mind Talk

Owning My Happiness: How I Did It

Owning My Happiness Of late, this is a feeling that fills me with a sense of freedom. Let me explain: When on own our happiness without any burden

Stone Cold

Stone Cold Lynn had lived in the area since she was born, but had traveled all over the world throughout her life; Germany, England,

Save A Life Maybe?

Save A Life Maybe? Why is it like, when someone dies of suicide, only then the world starts sharing about how important mental health is

Closure – An Unsent Note

Closure - An Unsent Note I have no one to tell how it takes me in. The feeling so overwhelming and a feeling that brings in fear and ecstasy all at once.

Life, Nature, And Love

Life, Nature And Love Being able to do things, not being able to do things. This is how life as we know is built. As we travel in life to search for love

A Quaint Little Spot in The Windy City

Cheers to a quaint little spot in the Windy City where my heart still beats and I can breathe. I didn’t realize I was walking around numb all these years

Who Am I?

Who Am I? I am a sensitive soul, I can say that I'm more soul than flesh. I've trusted people because I was hoping that they have a heart like mine,

What is Happiness!!

What is Happiness!! Happiness is to enjoy the little things in life. Life is a roller-coaster with lots of ups and downs, it is not a path of roses

Spirituality Isn’t An Escape From Reality

Spirituality Isn't An Escape From Reality There is something I must address. There are many who are using spirituality as an escape from the real world.

Fate Is False!

Fate is false! What is fate? Fate is a theory that everything that happens is predetermined. Do I agree with this? Not 100%.

You Are Enough

You Are Enough Why wasn't I enough? When you have gone through many situations that have changed you, you keep continuously asking yourself

When Someone Leaves You, It Is Not The End Of The World

When someone very important leaves you, I know it hurts. And I also know that the word "hurt" is too small and trivial to describe the pain it causes.

Depression Is Real Whether You Believe It Or Not

It's high time we realize that depression is a real problem and that it eats away at people from the inside. There are hundreds of treatments and medicines

5 Stress Relieving Workouts for Optimal Brain and Body Health

While some exercises focus on strength or flexibility, these stress-relief workouts are beneficial for your mind. Relax and get in shape with...

Law Of Attraction – Power of Universe

Such is the power of the universe and the law of attraction, that if you believe in it and work hard enough, all your wishes can come true!

Keep Shining!

Keep shining! Keep being you..There is no other way around. Live it through, let it go, and keep moving on your own paths.

Abyss – The Unread Scribble

Abyss – The Unread Scribble A thousand colors displayed by a single being of stardust. The soul of humanity is lost within the filthy rust

Taco Delight

Taco Delight Barb co-owned a small corner taco shop in the middle of downtown and locals usually chose her business for lunch

My Soul Is Worn

Sometimes my soul is worn, And I find the relief nowhere. Regrets are standing like a thorn, And I can't find the strength to bear.

Misplaced Worth

Have you ever heard of the term misplaced worth? Something that almost every human being who exists on this planet, go through?

Another Biography

Another Biography I'm an empath. I like seeing people who are smiling. I may seem fragile, and I am. I like people who are walking down the street

How You Can Stay Calm In A Crisis

A few weeks ago I read a book about staying calm in a crisis. The author explained how important it is to deal with our inner life.

As Free As A Petal

The point is, at times I just want to be as free as a petal detached from the rose. The one that is carried away by the wind to places it has never been to.

Getaways for The Soul

Travel can have a meditative effect on our wellbeing. If you're feeling stressed or worn out, especially in these trying times, consider...