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Love of Writing: Where to Send Your Skills

Love of Writing: Where to Send Your Skills

A significant issue for wordsmiths is reeling in a steady flow of income from their skills. However, identifying the markets where you can sell your skills remains a challenge for many. As such, many writers limit themselves to low paying gigs thus causing many to ditch writing and seek harbor in other niches.

To ensure that you know where to send your skills and get value for your money, here are some ideas. While at this, ensure that you engage in custom writing services thus handling more tasks and creating more substantial amounts of money.

1. Writing for blogs, magazines, and journals

A common trend for many wordsmiths is writing blogs in the niches they bear most information. Also, you may opt to write for a magazine or journal, therefore, attracting a substantial amount of money for your work. While at it, however, ensure that you are well versed with your topic and also that you bear factual statements thus getting authority in your niche.

While at it, you may consider selling your writing skills to clients who own blogs thus getting regular payments for work delivered.

2. Kindle

Among writers, the ones who get the most significant challenge with selling their skills are creative writers. With Kindle, you can send your qualifications to clients in the form of short stories or even sequel books thus generating a regular flow of income.

Unlike its counterparts, kindle already bears a vast number of clients thus making it easy to sell your skills. Also, Kindle does not require you to create hard copy books as you can stock e-books and increase your profit margin.

However, ranking and marketing on Kindle are paramount for success. As such, ensure that you use keywords that bring in organic traffic thus getting an easy time on selling your skills.

3. Copywriting

A common place to send your skills as a writer is copywriting. Owing to the need for companies to get marketing material and content that increases their authority, the demand for copywriters is high.

Putting this in mind, buffing your copywriting skills is only necessary for ensuring you get a regular flow of money. For this, you may consult companies up front or join writing platforms, therefore, tapping into broad categories of work and choosing work that best fits your skill set.

To get an easy time as a copywriter, ensure that you learn SEO optimization thus becoming more beneficial to your clients.

4. Guest posting

A great place to sell your skills and earn a substantial amount of cash is through guest posting. Like blogging, this may tackle a wide array of topics and also requires a great deal of research. However, ensure that you set your price before getting into guest posting as it dictates the amount of money you make.

It is one thing to love writing. Converting your skills and time into money, however, is what counts. By taking up any of the above ventures, you can start earning a regular flow of income and rank top among freelancers. However, ensure that you fully muster your skill thus getting an easy time building yourself as a brand.

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