I lost myself… – My MIND TALK

I lost myself... - My MIND TALK

I lost myself by putting my dreams and goals on the highest shelf where no one would see.

I lost myself by forgetting my desires and wishes for what I longed to be.

I lost myself by pleasing everyone around me and purposely forgetting about me.

I lost myself by building a world I did not belong in, by holding onto the strings of what I once knew.

I lost myself by not being me.

I found myself when the charade ended and I was left with just me.

I found myself when I let go of what was and started looking to what will be.

I found myself by gathering my dreams and goals and held them in my hands.

I found myself by one step at a time in the right direction.

I found myself by being broken.

I found myself by starting over with just me..

I found myself through the eyes of Love and Acceptance.

I found myself to be happy and free.

I found myself by just being me..

–  Charitz Schultz

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