Living A Lie, I Hope To Die

Living A Lie, I Hope To Die
Living A Lie
Sulekha Pande

Living a lie,
I hope to die,
lying to myself,
all my life,
trying to please,
everyone but me,
carrying the load,
of my dead self,
hanging inside of me.

Living A Lie
Jaimie Mazzone

Choose your words carefully
for they can not be taken back.
Have love and compassion
for each word you speak.
Do this and you will
never be hung up
by your own words.

Living A Lie
Ravina Jain

Prisoner of my own thoughts and words,
Captivated in my own body;
In the end, we are all humans,
Who desire to seek nothing
but freedom.

Living A Lie
Karthik Parthasarathy

Hanging your inner self,
Putting it on the shelf,
Based on what you speak,
Recklessness at its peak.
A little additional thought,
without getting too hot,
Peace of mind at large,
Extra control on rage.

Living A Lie
Rinku Shah

And the battle continued each day
To fight or give up today.
I fought till the very end…
Finding a way each time
I wanted to bend.
Speak up or you will suffocate.
Express yourself freely why wait.
Make it suitable.
Life is beautiful.

Living A Lie
Anindya J Ganguly

In the shadow of a dormant den
I hang on the rope of my words
Atoning for the pain I inflicted
To the many souls
and the burning hearts.

Living A Lie
Sarrvesh Waran

What you see
Is not the real me.
He died in the childhood.
He hangs down inside me,
nice and good.
The world never approved him
as it should.
So he did what anyone would;
He stayed silent,
he never did the things he could.

Living A Lie
Samuel Jones

When I refuse to speak up
for myself,
I essentially kill
my inner self,
which impels
my outward ability
to be seen or heard

Living A Lie
Sulekha Pande

Dead weight,
on my soul.

Living A Lie
Ray Massey

Internal suicide;
He was hung upon
the digestion of words
left unspoken

Living A Lie
Teena Mackellar

Feeling dead inside

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