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Tiny Tales

Short stories, short poems and tiny tales submitted by you with the instant brew brew word of the week as theme subject

“Wronged’ – Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word 'Wronged' Here are our favorite submissions

‘The One’ – Tiny Tales

'The One' - Tiny Tales
Instant Brew Word 'The One' Here are our favorite submissions By Kellie Peacock The One .. It took her breath away when the realisation hit her! All this time relentlessly searching for the one to complete her.. years of fails and hurt. She wondered why no one shared this before .. ahh she...




I lay there in a mountain of blankets in the dead of night. The cold crisp touch of their caress is refreshing after my long day.


I stood in front of your room On that cold rainy evening. Wanted to be with you on that lonely night. What if I knock? If I did? Would you let me inside?


Death, intriguing to some led by curiosity, overwhelming to others who fear to stare reality in the eye. So many versions to celebrate this mystical day.


A young girl with only blank white sockets for eyes and wearing a white dress was standing outside my wide-open door looking right at me.


The fire-crackers thundered across her room invading her solitude.

Indulge – Instant Brew- Tiny Tale Word of the week

Indulge - Instant Brew- Tiny Tale Word of the week


They were both homeless. They loved each other to bits... He fed her every day, come rain or sun, he protected her and she was always by his side,


Winner takes all. Sweepstakes high stakes. Look around you.You see, life is riddled with chances, choices, roads winding into different paths.


Blue is what she used to be living in her own abyss-full deep darkened blue… a hole of dismiss…


That word "if" was like a burning red flag to him. And what he was looking for would have to entirely be freed from this word that had caused him so much pain and suffering.


"My darling!you will never be one of those barely noticeable stars...NEVER!!" the golden words of her father are echoing in her mind now


You suck at everything you loser!!! She screeched at the top of her voice, he stood there stoically taking all abuse in his stride calmly, he took her gently in his arms....

Insomnia – Instant Brew

Another night of tossing and turning... Restlessness... She got up from her bed, poured herself a glass of water from the bedside jug... The radium dial of the clock shone, 2.45.am.

Game – Instant Brew, Tiny Tales

He, after all, was an expert gamer. Master of his game. Micro Fiction Submitted by our Readers. Read More....