I’m never alone

I'm never alone
I'm never alone
Swati Chauhan 

I’m never alone. 
My thoughts always 
give me company. 

I'm never alone
Sarrvesh Waran 

I once descended 
into the depths of loneliness 
and that’s where 
I discovered something 
and never have 
I felt alone after that. 
I realized that I may be alone 
but I am not lonely. 
That there is always someone 
to be with me and that’s.. 
That’s me!

I'm never alone
Luan Collins 

I prefer my own company

I'm never alone
Parul Govil Chatterjee 

Inner voice 
… let’s talk

I'm never alone
Catherine Lampkin

The intimacy of a conversation 
with myself is intriguing.

I'm never alone
Andrea Wilson

My most intellectual conversations 
are with myself.

I'm never alone
Pam Schaffer 

Every once in a while 
you need to sit down, 
open up and reacquaint yourself 
to yourself.

I'm never alone
Rinku Shah

Self talk:

You’re so hard on yourself,
Take a moment…
Marvel at your life-
…at the grief that softened you
…at the heartache that wisened you
…at the suffering that strengthened you
Despite all this,
You still grow.
Be proud of this!

I'm never alone
Jaimie Mazzone 

Social anxiety 101. 
1. Let me get settled before you arrive. 
2. Let me pull my true self out. 
3. Give me another moment 
     to let myself be shown. 
4. One, two, three just breath. 
5. Okay, I am ready, let’s talk!

I'm never alone
Karthik Parthasarathy 

Open up your mind,
Allow the inner YOU out.
Want to talk? Best person without doubt,
The one sitting inside your mind.

I'm never alone
Sherry Greene 

I used to be lonely 
until I discovered I’d already met 
my favorite companion. 
And that person was me.

I'm never alone
Jerry Kontos 

Sometimes the best friend 
to share a cup of coffee with is just yourself

I'm never alone
Sulekha Pande 

I polarize myself,
that’s how I organize my inner self,
I am not afraid to face my issues,
in distress, I offer my other self,
some coffee and a box of tissues.

I'm never alone
Simón Allen-Cortés 

Step out of your self 
and get to know you.

I'm never alone
Gopasana Surya 

Let the solitude pull a chair for you. 
Let the musings take you over.
Let the cup of cappuccino 

hear the other voice.

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