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How to Overcome the Fear of Interviews?

How to Overcome the Fear of Interviews?

Job interviews are just like lifetime exams which can change a person’s destiny that is why many individuals get nervous during interviews every time they plan such events. If we conducted a survey on job interviews, many people would say it is a nerve-wracking experience. The simple reason for this is such folk’s associate fear with an interview. The interview phobia needs to be eliminated as soon as possible as delay in doing that will eliminate the chance of having a section and getting the desired job.

Many people let fear of interviews to limit their career prospects, but the situation can be different if someone puts regular time and effort to prepare for the same. This will help the individual to feel confident on the big day. Those who feel nervous before an interview can follow the below given tips to overcome their fear and become successful.

  • Prepare Well before Applying for the Job– Before actually going for an interview, it is recommended to familiarize yourself towards the position you are trying to aim at. Try to learn everything about the company, and the people to whom you will be facing. Try to gather as many information about the company from different sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Having adequate information will make you feel more confident and energetic.
  • Make sure you memorize your resume well– Resume help interviewer to know about your past experience and the skills you possess. Thus, it is necessary for individuals to know about his resume well. At the time of preparing your resume, make sure you know in-and-outs about the things you’re mentioning in it. For example, any past work you did in particular, any other skill learned or short-term job in which you participated.
  • Speak well and dress up properly – Your looks and your body language plays an important role in cracking any examination. Many individuals who feel nervous often lose their control over the situation. Therefore, one should always give priority to his looks and communication skills. Don’t feel afraid to stand in front of the mirror and prepare for the common questions that are quite commonly asked in job interviews. Practice the subject area for which you appear in the interview. Regular practicing will help you to speak fluently without a loss of words or stuttering. All this will benefit you at the end.
  • Answer affirmatively– Always remember that interviewer during the interviewing process will ask you some question for whom you might not have a suitable answer. In that case, it is perfectly fine to let the interviewer know that you don’t know the answer to the question he has asked. Don’t answer with “uhhh”, “ummm” or “let me think about that”. My sure you answer positively by saying “sure”, “yes” or “of course”.  In case if the question is unclear to you, you can ask the interviewer to repeat the question by approaching positively.
  • Share real facts that describe your experience – One of the common fears of interviews is that many individuals’ fails to showcase their skills and attract interviewer’s attention despite having full knowledge about the subject. Telling the interviewer that you are collaborative, determined, hard-working, organized, etc don’t support real facts. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance and discuss those facts & figures which are measurable. Make sure the facts you are sharing speak for themselves.
  • Take it as a two-way process– If you feel nervous before an interview, you can always get rid of your anxiety by considering it as a two-way process. By two-way process, it means that you are given the opportunity to find out whether the company for whom you appear in the job interview is actually suitable for you to work or not. Having a positive attitude towards interviewer will also help you to gain confidence and get rid of interview phobia quickly.
  • Be ready to accept rejection, if the answer is “No”– Acceptance or rejection is a part of life and one should not bother on situations which cannot be controlled. Having a positive and learning attitude in life will make you successful one day. In case if there is a rejection, don’t think it’s the end of the world for you. Try to look for other opportunities in life such as go for writing jobs online no experience


Every year fear of interviews led many candidates to not to land in the job which they actually desire. Furthermore, many candidates fail to clear the interviewing process as they don’t prepare for the interview in advance or do their homework in a proper manner for the actual day. By following the above-given tips, you can get rid of all the risk that is associated with the interview process.  

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