Duality Of The Human Mind

Duality Of The Human Mind
Duality Of The Human Mind
Karthik Parthasarathy

Duality of the human mind,
Across all of humankind.
The wild and the soft one,
Not a contest to see who won.

Separated from each other,
Never mingles with one another.
Who dominates?
One may never know,
Neither goes away
till the end, though.

Duality Of The Human Mind
Sulekha Pande

Yes, I’m split in two,
You can only see,
what I choose to show you,
it’s a mild sheep for some,
but a ferocious wolf
that I hide beneath,
tread with care,
for you don’t know
what will come to the fore.

Duality Of The Human Mind
Sulekha Pande

Confessions of the subconscious.

Duality Of The Human Mind
Sarrvesh Waran

A wolf and sheep
In my mind so deep.
The wolf knows when to attack.
The sheep know
when not give a knack.
The two responses of the mind.
Whatever happens
it would be either of these two kinds

Duality Of The Human Mind
Brandon Allan Awalt

Within our mind,
we can imprison ourselves multiple ways.
We can be our own worst enemy
while also being our biggest bully.
We can critique ourselves into submission
and we can stare ourselves into a corner.
This prison is the worst prison possible.
It is one where we are physically free
but mentally frozen.

Duality Of The Human Mind
Aditi Prabhu

The mind is a dungeon,
Full of dark rooms.
Memories are locked in
and never let loose.
There are only 2 prisoners,
prisoners of time.

One is a timid calf
and the other is a hungry wolf
waiting to pounce.

Depending on situation
and people around,
we let one loose to survive

Duality Of The Human Mind
Debra Pry

Sometimes the battle is
within the Mind,
against courage or failure.

Duality Of The Human Mind
Severina Afrodita

The sheep and wolf live in my head.
Every thought I have is now a dread.
It’s my heart’s desires
against my strongest critic,
which is my mind
when it’s being wicked.
So it’s like I’m locked away,
the sheep and wolf are here to stay.
I call my mind ‘’under construction’’,
I try to tame it against destruction,
I try to balance heart and reason,
to turn into a palace
my inner prison!

Duality Of The Human Mind
Rinku Shah

Discordant thoughts,
Leaves the mind in knots.
This mental divide,
Needs to be unified.

Duality Of The Human Mind
Sayeeda Pearl

The incessant
monologues of
human mind!
Wolf inside
the goodness.

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