Don’t Sacrifice Your Long Term Freedom For Temporary Comfort

Christopher Hagans

Don’t sacrifice your long term freedom
for temporary comfort

Richa Kalra

The ladder of opportunities
are often missed because
of our interim desires;
It’s too late when we realize
what we actually burnt in the fire.

M Jeyaram

Addiction to temporary pleasures
at the cost of your resources
begins as a campfire and engulfs you
even before you feel
the warmth of it and realize that it’s actually a wildfire.
You’re not a moth. Beware!

Ceona Chambers

I’m burning my way back,
I may not know what the future holds,
my actions may seem too bold,
But this time I won’t crack,
I’m making sure
there’s no turning back

Shibatosh Kar

In a bid to eradicate
a temporary pain,
Don’t dig the roads
that leads to your freedom,
And a lifelong gain.

Lavanya Hiremath

A smart man builds a fire
to keep warm today;
a wise man braves the cold
to taste freedom tomorrow.

Ceona Chambers

I threw away
my only way out
for temporary relief

Vipin Kumar

I threw away
my only way out
for temporary relief

Faith Dunsmuir

Look beyond the desires
that confine you,
often your chance at escape
is right before your eyes.

Cynthia Correa

Your comfort zone
will kill your dreams.

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