Destiny Is Like A Bubble

Destiny is like a bubble

Destiny is like a bubble, It will always pop when it’s the right time.
– Pauline Ebijimi

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Be That Fabulous Shit Show You Hide From The World

Be that fabulous shit show you hide from the world

Be that fabulous shit show you hide from the world. Unique is a super power.- Debra pry

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Nothing Is More Beautiful Than Becoming Who You Were

Nothing is more beautiful than becoming who you were

Nothing is more beautiful than becoming who you were Meant to be, After living in hell for so long.- Debra pry

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The Timeless Love!

The Timeless Love

Green fields everywhere, there are to see, In between lie a cauliflower shaped majestic tree; Underneath it, two lovely souls sit to form a spiritual bond, Snow white doves flying over, a scene which seems of beyond; Oblivious of time and space, the souls transcend their physicality, Without any effort, the process of merging nullified their duality; The love lotus blooms to spread its warm radiance everywhere, But, ignorant folks fails to comprehend, our place of prayer; Alas! There remains no such place for the worldly people to view, For, its deep in our heart and comes to existence, when we wanted to!- Aneet Mahajan

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A Wise Person Listens

A wise person listens

A wise person listens, while a fool never shuts up.- Debra Pry

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A Human Seeks Solitude

A Human Seeks Solitude

Dancing to the tune of wind, Yet never quite knowing why, Seeking the company of others, But finding no home, A human seeks solitude.

Wandering through life, Caught in the cadence of time, Drowning in a pool of endless dream, But lost in a maze, A human seeks solitude.- Raj Agrawal

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Nothing Can Hold You Back

Nothing can hold you back

Nothing can hold you back. Except you.- Debra Pry

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Quit Worrying About What People Think

Quit Worrying About What People Think

Quit worrying about what people think and do what makes you happy. The best revenge is living your best life and ignoring gossip. That’s your clap back.- Debra Pry

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