Delusional Girl

Delusional Girl

Listen! You, the girl considered to be subtle

Are u facing any glitches in communicating?

People usually refer you as the less talkative

Is it you or the individuals around you aren’t liaising?

I often notice you when you are not aware of

Behaviors you exhibit are uncertain precisely vacillating

What’s in that head that irritates you more often?

The concept, the ideas that leaves you so devastating

Why are the embrasure of those eyes not bright as stars?

Why is the truth beneath the skin so much concealing?

Your smile has wrecked the associations with happiness

The smirk that inculcate the philosophies that are dismaying

My “whys” are curious for the sake of your wellbeing.

Say anything that comes in your mind as I am listening

“Are you linking me to the term subtle”, she said

You have no clue of what pain I have been dealing

Who are the people you just gabbed about?

The ones in my head or those away for me to be connecting?

My head just seems as disturbed having sluggish imagination

The voices in there, are gaudy and reverberating

I sense like I must not feel any emotion

My doubts and reality are seriously conflicting

I see the images that are undetected by other people

My eyes are dark and all its windows are shutting

The delusions, hallucinations, words and my entire life

All that I perform is merely a cluster, depressing

My agonies have crossed all the precincts and boundaries

With sharp ended knife, my flesh is slowly lacerating

Can you hear my voice, oh you kind listener

Before the death strikes, in my own structure I am drowning

Asma Rashid


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