And where will return after the vacation and rejoin the whole

And where will return after the vacation and rejoin the whole

Although there is a blueprint and a contract for this life journey it can take a very long time for some to recognise any of the above,In fact some never do.

Once we are aware of our being,our existence,and that we are not this body we walk around in, and are far more, we call this enlightenment consciousness, or our awakening.

This can be a very frightening time for some as most people spend their lives being told who and what they are, and what they should and shouldn’t be or do.

From childhood our parents say you should do this, you shouldn’t do that. Then we go to school and are told you should learn this and learn that, most of which you will never use in your life time, plus our parents are still telling us this and that. Then we go to work and the boss’s are telling you how and what to do plus your parents are still dictating their beliefs, views, values etc, no wonder it takes for ever for us to decide who WE ARE and our true life purpose, instead we are living our lives to suit those around us and society as a whole. Yes, lets not forget all the rules and regulations poured upon us from that place.

So around a third of this human vacation is spent absorbing what everybody else thinks should be your life. So no wonder it can be a shock to the system when your awakening finally happens, and the later in life this happens the bigger the shock. I mean we wont even go into relationships, marriage and children, which can add even more diversity from the real you.

Awakening is growing,and more and more people are awakening in later life,which can be seen in the growing divorce rate amongst older people as they realise that there is more to life than all the material stuff, the human trappings, the position,the power,the wealth. They start to feel that they have a soul that needs feeding,they yearn for a freedom, a peace, joy, laughter, love, a connection with their true self and a knowing of why they are here.

Once humans embark on this awakening there is no turning back, values change, ego disappears, and a sense of knowing themselves and living for themselves takes over and provides the pathway to discovering their “I AM” the person they should have been from the start. The realisation that they are of two bodies takes place, that they are of physical and of spiritual bodies and each has its own way of being fed.

Full awakening will remove any fear of Death because of the understanding that this is just a human vacation,and after it we all just return home.

The only thing that stops us being and living our spiritual purpose quite often is fear energy, the opinions of others ,loss or separation, and all the pressures that society put upon us and are drilled into us from being a baby,

One day this spiritual journey will be accepted as the norm as science connects more with the spiritual bodies existence.

Life on Earth will change and it will become a more loving peaceful place.

In the meantime keep shinning your light so that more people will reach their awakening maybe earlier, and realise this human vacation is something special to be enjoyed and filled with what matters most and costs the least…..LOVE.

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