7 Physical Exercises Good for Your Mental Health

Exercises Good for Your Mental Health

Sometimes in life, you may experience negativity and darkness clouding your thinking
capability. These thoughts and experiences impact your mental health. Hence, compromised mental health is an outcome of the quality of thoughts you usually entertain. The daily thinking and ruminating become our thought life, and this could either be positive and negative.

You can manage and regulate your thoughts and emotions through physical activity. These
physical exercises facilitate mindfulness and help you enjoy the here and now. Being
mindful implies that you aren’t anxious about the future and its uncertainties and also unfazed of what has already passed. Thus, you’re savoring the perks and gift of being alive and present in the current moment. Thus, exercises can help you in achieving this state of mind.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of enjoyable physical exercises, that isn’t only good to keep you physically fit but also improve your mental health.

1. Rowing

When you hear of rowing, perhaps your imagination plays a scene of sunset on waves, producing a unique melody. Rowing on the water is a wonderful exercise and is great for your mental health. However, the reality is you can’t always hit the waves whenever you feel like it, due to a number of reasons. You can, however, row in the comfort of your house and benefit from the mental benefits that come from the exercise. The rhythm of the rowing, whether on water or land, is the reason you experience mental calmness and steadiness. Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing Machine is assembled so efficiently that you’ll enjoy the rhythm while rowing in your home gym or spot. These portable machines are perfect for those who aren’t a fan of rowing on water but enjoy the scenery of water. You can take your machine along on the beachside, and enjoy the combination of the rowing rhythm and the melodious waves.

2. Dancing

Though it may be surprising for some of you dancing doesn’t only involve the physical benefits but also helps gain mental health benefits. As they say, music is the food of the soul, hence most of the dancing is motivated by the rhythmic flow of music. Music releases the feel-good hormones in people, inducing a feeling that you’re on top of the world. What makes dancing even more enjoyable, is the fact that it’s a social activity as well. You can invite your buddies to a dance class or hit the dance floor together during a fun night out. The beauty of this social activity is you also get to enjoy the dressing up ritual, all adding to your mental wellness. You can try it now! Look for your favorite upbeat tune, and let your body lead you to your state of mental wellness.

3. Walking

It’s scientifically proven that walking daily for 20 minutes can drastically improve your mental health and thought process. The positive effects on mental health are particularly heightened if you walk in nature. The peace that comes from the natural settings projects you into a good mental space. The natural music from the rustling leaves, flowing water, and the chirping birds not only enhances the physical experience but also provides a peaceful and calming mental experience. In that process, you begin to naturally embrace positive thoughts and become mindful and grateful of the serene environment. You can also turn walking into a relationship bonding exercise, by forming walking clubs with your friends and family. Quality relationships that involve physical exercise also aids in good mental health.

4. Yoga

Nowadays, social media provides a channel to join and learn different yoga poses along with their significance. While some yoga poses may seem extra challenging and petrifying but bear in mind you aren’t aiming to win a yoga championship. Hence, when you’re open to trying these yoga poses, you’ll not only get a perfect figure but also mental peace. The mental health benefits of yoga are derived from the focal point; your breathing pattern. Focusing on your breathing pattern means that any thoughts that may enter your mind, with your effort float by like a cloud in the sky. Your goal is to focus on your breathing rhythm, and silence the busy chatter of the mind while your body moves into different positions. If along the way you master the skill of placing your foot above your head that is an added advantage but shouldn’t be the main goal.

5. Swimming

Mental health benefits can be derived by swimming, as wading through water creates a soothing and relaxing effect. You must enjoy the feeling of the activity for you to mentally benefit.

Nonetheless, some people have phobias of deep waters, so swimming isn’t advisable in that case.

6. High-Intensity Exercise

High-intensity exercises may include boot camps, sprinting, or marathons. Such intense activities mean that you are focused on an end goal. By doing so, you silence the chatter in your mind that usually distracts you. As a result, your mental state is in a positive state without derailing inner voices. As there are people with serious medical conditions, there’s a risk of heart palpitations or breathing problems. Hence, make sure to visit your medical practitioner before engaging in high-intensity exercises.

7. Breathing/ Meditation

You might think breathing is a natural and obvious action human beings are always doing, to stay alive. If you take a deep breath in right now, pause for a few seconds and then exhale. You might realize after this small exercise that hadn’t been breathing properly before. A lot of people breathe mindlessly, whereas breathing needs to be mindful and intentional. This is why it’s also considered as a physical exercise. When you breathe mindfully, pure oxygen reaches the brain and makes for better mental wellness. Relaxing in a spot with fresh air and cool breeze helps induce a mindful state of breathing.


Exercises that include rhythms, sounds, motions, and feel-good emotions, are all good for mental health. Invest in an exercising machine that helps in physical activity that eventually leads to mental sharpness and wellness. Taking part in social exercise activities such as dancing and walking further benefits your mental health due to the healthy social relationship bonds. Making the good use of your surroundings such as nature and clean air, also helps you to breathe mindfully, which is also a physical exercise. Be sure to seek medical guidance, if you suspect that you may be suffering from mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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