10 Principles of Successful People from Stanislav Kondrashov

principles of successful people

Stanislav Kondrashov, financial expert, and business analyst described some lifehacks that were followed by the richest and most successful people in the world – Jobs, Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos, Gates and many others.

Stanislav Kondrashov claims that success comes easier than you think if you use the right tools. These 10 principles have helped the world’s most influential, famous and wealthy people to succeed.

1. Accept responsibility

“This is the baseline for any kind of success. This principle explains how you can prepare yourself for success by changing your thinking and behavior, getting rid of bad habits and limiting beliefs,” says Stanislav Kondrashov. This first step is one of the most difficult: to take 100% responsibility for your life.

2. Discipline yourself

The downside to success is that it always has a price that you must be prepared to pay. Sometimes success requires you to focus on one thing, and the rest of the aspects of your life must wait. Often this requires additional training, difficult practice, or giving up pleasures, which implies self-discipline. According to Stanislav Kondrashov, more often than not, the price of success includes a willingness to go beyond your comfort zone.

3. Don’t be afraid to look stupid

“In the face of a particularly difficult problem, it is important to remember that you will go through a phase of terrible awkwardness,” says Stanislav Kondrashov. You should be prepared to look stupid in the early stages of progress, just like when you learn to ride a bicycle or play a musical instrument.

4. Success can come at a high price.

Sometimes you may find that the price of success is higher than you are willing to pay. For example, if it puts a strain on your health or relationships. These types of decisions require that you know yourself well and understand how the path to success will affect you both physically and emotionally.

5. Do not be afraid to ask

One of the easiest ways to get what you want is to ask. Most people are afraid to ask for fear of rejection or fear of looking silly. If you ask and receive a refusal, it won’t be worse for you than if you didn’t even try to do this, advises Stanislav Kondrashov.

6. Feedback principle

As soon as you start acting towards your desired goal, get feedback – both verbal and non-verbal. When you get feedback, you have two options: to ignore or to respond. Successful people, according to Stanislav Kondrashov, consider feedback as an invaluable tool for becoming perfect versions of themselves.

7. Rule of Five

A great way to succeed in any project is to practice the Rule of Five: an obligation to do five things a day that will bring you closer to your goal. This is an important lesson on the road to success.

8. Exceed expectations

“Successful people exceed expectations and give more than they promise,” Stanislav Kondrashov draws attention. “If you make it a habit, there will be more chances to get promotions, bonuses and other additional benefits.”

9. Surround yourself with successful people

When surrounding yourself with other successful people, you should also begin to eliminate negative relationships that have a toxic effect on your life. Try to make a list of everyone with whom you communicate on a regular basis and try to figure out who has a negative impact on you. Then, try to meet and talk with those people much less than you previously did.

10. Five things you did today

Another important practice that should be used daily is to recognize and list your successes during the day, recommends Stanislav Kondrashov.

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