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Down the Freedom Lane…

  Down the Freedom Lane… She gave a broad grin as she looked at her refection in the mirror. The occasion was *Dol Jatra and Pratibha had smeared *abir on her face. It was a perfect camouflage to accomplish her mission. A shiver ran down her spine, she was anxious as...

So this is 30.

I remember watching 13 going on 30 back in 2004 when it came out! I loved that movie, remember her wish? 30 flirty and thriving! Well...In 10 days from now I will be 30 and I am not flirty and thus far not thriving. You have to laugh because...


We are in an age where all we seem to do is put a label on everything. We get offended by them but yet we are the ones who created them. The irony of it all is that we hate being labeled ourselves and yet we still put each...
The acceptance

The acceptance

She IS

She IS

THE Moment

THE Moment


Alone? That's when my demons come home. That's the time my mind roams into thousands of dark places. That's when my heart cries for help, wanting to be heard but everyone seems deaf to my cries.

Deep and Silent

As i remind and wake up slowly, the first times, short glimpses Freed from thought for mind an unimaginable state Peaceful, grateful for being Liberated from all could‘s and would‘s but only presence Deep and silent without an end Be on this Journey an infinite gift

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