Reactions Of Signs On Argue

Reactions Of Signs On Argue

Reactions Of Signs On Argue

Aries: They’ll beat you up.

Taurus: They’ll have patience until you try them.

Gemini: They’ll make you so confused you forgo what you were arguing about.

Cancer: They’ll make you feel like shit

Leo: They’ll make you apologize

Virgo: They’ll beat your logic

Libra: They’ll get you to realize there are two sides to the situation and both sides are right.

Scorpio: They’ll use it against you later.

Sagittarius: They’ll tire you out until you cave.

Capricorn: They’ll shut up and let you learn it on your own terms, then you’ll realize how stupid you were.

Aquarius: They’ll ignore you.

Pisces: “okay but it’s just how i feel”

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