I’d Rather Be Alone Than Be With Anyone Who Doesn’t Deserve Me

But I can, and I know I deserve someone who does not think twice about being by my side, someone whom I know that despite my crazy personality and hundreds of flaws, will accept me and love me for who I am.

I never intended to be that girl, the one who kept waiting for months for a boy, not a man, but a boy, to make up his mind about whether I was the right fit for his life.
Dependency was my second name not so long ago, but now, that I realized how much I actually have a right to wish for, is why that 10 letter word is scratched off my vocabulary.

This doesn’t make you a bad person, on the contrary, you yourself deserve to be 100% sure of the girl you want to be with. But it does not give you the privilege to come and go as you please.

Putting all my energy and time and effort onto someone or something that at the end of the day has been taking me for granted is something I’ll probably never do again.

Not only do I think it’s morally unethical for a person to not communicate their feelings and constantly keep someone on limbo, but I also have confidence that as more support towards young women grows as having a voice and seeking their self-worth, they will easily distinguish someone who truly treasures them and someone who just cannot see how valuable they are.

I may be too young to be talking so passionately about something that for my 40-year old mother may seem so trivial, but I’m also happy that at such a young age I am able to stand in my two feet and look into someone’s eyes and say “NO, I want more, I deserve more.”

Which is why I’d rather be alone then with you.

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