Rat 2018 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions


Set one’s priority right, take care of it without too much delay and in the mean-time make whatever repayments necessary and do not incur additional debts. Make only purchases that are absolutely necessary and resist temptation of impulse spending.


Rat 2018 Health Horoscope

During this period, the Rat type is “‘active” or “preoccupied” after normal working routine life style.

However one needs to be careful and remember not to over-exert in activities that could cause injuries to the lower parts of the body. Adequate rest and a proper diet are also important things to consider.


Rat 2018 Luck Predictions

Pay more attention to family members’ matters during this month, for they are likely to give an individual some problems if ignored.
Problematic signs have been “surfacing” every now and then in the past. It is still not too late to handle the situation for some, provided a proper cause of action will be taken. One must be prepared for rebellion from an individual who is not willing to accept “charity” merely due to pride.

Rat horoscope 2018 horoscope by date of birth

Year of the Wood Rat: 1984 (Feb. 02, 1984 – Feb. 19, 1985)

For business people, things will be successful and good results will be produced. Never be too proud of those results. Trust comes first, if one is able to work harder, you can achieve a higher level. Love luck is good. For those unmarried couples, you may settle down in a few years time. Never be a guarantor as it may bring you into court cases.


Year of the Water Rat: 1972 (Feb. 15, 1972 – Feb. 02, 1973)

Career luck is on your side. You may receive help from guardians of nobility making you very successful. For those who intend to start a new business, it is best to get a business partner. Luck is more on your side in the lunar 1st, 6th and 11th months but it will also be very tough for you to start a new business in those months. Beware of commercial traps and water disasters.


Year of the Metal Rat: 1960 (Jan. 28, 1960 – Feb. 14, 1961)

Results will be shown from your hard work making you the envy of all. Salaried workers will receive help from guardians of nobility and you may have a chance of getting a raise and promotion. In the year of the Dog, wealth luck is good but not so with family luck as you will not be on good terms with family members. You must be more understanding. In the lunar 2nd, 8th, 12th months, there may be chances of gaining wealth from some small bets.


Year of the Earth Rat: 1948 (Feb. 10, 1948 – Jan. 28, 1949)

Health luck is not that good, be careful of what you eat. You must also maintain a happy mood, do not be too calculative. In the year of Dog, you must not drink or smoke too much, as it harms health. Strenuous exercise must be avoided, as you will easily become injured. Be aware of gastric problems. Eat less salty and spicy food and never eat too much seafood.