Ranking The Zodiac Signs Based On Who You Should Lean On At 2 AM

 March 10, 2018

Ranking The Zodiac Signs Based On Who You Should Lean On At 2 AM

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10.  Capricorn 

Perhaps the last thing that you need when you’re having a breakdown at 2 a.m. is someone who is just as paranoid as you are. Capricorns are trained to expect the worst in every situation. Their grips on reality are so strong that they almost always believe that all scenarios in life have advantages and disadvantages. They will speak to you as if they know everything in this world. And since they have managerial traits ingrained in their systems, they’re good at offering detailed plans on how to deal with whatever troubles that you have in mind. The problem, however, is that agreeing with everything that they’re saying can be hard.

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11.  Aquarius

Having an emotional conversation isn’t necessarily a comfortable thing for Aquarius. You will not see them curled up in a corner somewhere talking about feelings. It’s true that they’re very eccentric and energetic, but by the end of the night, they just want to be left alone so they can recharge their energies. Relying on them at 2 a.m. is quite impossible. They also have some issues in life that they’re worrying about and hearing your problems will only add up to their already heavy baggage. If you want to have fun, be with Aquarius, but not when you’re dealing with serious drama in this world.

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12.  Scorpio

The thing about Scorpio is that they have the tendency to be stubborn acquaintances. You might only feel like talking to a wall as soon as you let your emotions flow out of you. One of their weaknesses is that, sometimes, they can be condescending. Because of their strong personalities, they’re not afraid to say what’s on their minds – and this can potentially hurt your feelings. Maybe someone who has a sign of Scorpio isn’t the ideal person to bother in the middle of the night, unless, of course, you’re looking for some tough love.

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Ranking The Zodiac Signs Based On Who You Should Lean On At 2 AM

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