Rain Rain




Rain rain wash away all the tears I cry today.


Flood my soul until no more pain can crush my inner core.


Let my sadness drift away, let the dark clouds hover and stay.


Thunder roars inside my heart while lightening paints regret as art.




Rain rain hold me tight for I think I may have lost my will to fight.


Sing to me a lonely song of sorrow, then make me believe there’s hope for tomorrow.


Take my rage and cleanse my soul and release my heart from bearing this horrific toll.


Be the one friend I turn to in need who actually helps pick me up off my hands and knees.




After all, is said and done, please bring to me the promising sun.


Let the bright warm light dry my soul and fill my mind with loving thoughts from long ago.


Back when all seemed possible and forgivable, a time when such tragedy was deemed unthinkable.


Take me back to when I believed that love was really and truly all you need.




Rain rain my one true friend I can always count on you in the end.


                                           You healed my soul, you held me tight,
and you made me believe with all my might,                             


That with each and every storm of agony… comes a chance for peace,


And a chance… to heal humanity.




Rain rain my dear old friend, thank you for the path to amend.




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