Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(21st January To 27th January)

Weekly Horoscope 21st January To 27th January part one

Aries : You’re likely to face career-related challenges. The Venus transit through Capricorn will create a serious vibe in your love life & your finances, asking you to be more practical. Expect a creative outburst with the Full Moon in Leo illuminating your fifth house of romance & creativity.

Taurus : Taurus, this is your time for learning & growing. The shifts of Venus into Capricorn encourage you to have a sense of purpose in relationships & values. The Full Moon in Leo will bring focus to your home & family life, fostering a sense of pride & belonging.

Gemini : This week is about introspection & forming deep connections. The entry of Venus into Capricorn will highlight your need for stable & meaningful relationships. The Full Moon in Leo will shine light on your communication skills, urging you to express yourself boldly & creatively.

Cancer : Cancer, partnerships will be your main focus. Venus moving into Capricorn will help you build stable relationships. The Full Moon in Leo puts the spotlight on money matters, causing a wake-up call about your self-worth & resources.

Leo : Prioritize your health & daily routines, Leo. Venus in Capricorn will help you find love in the details of everyday life. The Full Moon in your sign on the 25th is a powerful time for personal revelations & showcasing your true self.

Virgo : This week will bring out your creative & romantic side. Venus’ influence in Capricorn puts a more serious twist on your love affairs. The Full Moon in Leo will light up the spiritual aspect of your life telling you to go within & find that which unites you with the Universe.

Weekly Horoscope 21st January To 27th January part two
Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign(21St January To 27Th January)

Libra : Libra, focus on home & family this week. The ingress of Venus into Capricorn makes your emotions strong. The Full Moon in Leo will put a spotlight on your social life, especially for friends & community participation.

Scorpio : This week is about your communication style. You may need to speak more thoughtfully as Venus enters Capricorn this month. During this week, the Full Moon in Leo will highlight your career sector encouraging you to demonstrate your talents & skills more.

Sagittarius : Your financial acumen grows in leaps & bounds during the next few days Sagittarius. With the ingress of Venus into Capricorn, be careful with money & expenses. The Full Moon in Leo will enrich you with a philosophical or educational breakthrough, widening your horizons.

Capricorn : Self-care & personal values are important now, Capricorn. Venus entering your sign brings charm & grace to your personal endeavors. The Full Moon in Leo affects your intimacy sector, urging you to balance your needs with those of your partner.

Aquarius : This week should be spent in quiet reflection. Venus entering Capricorn will ask you to look at your past relationships & how they impacted you. The Full Moon in Leo will emphasize partnerships & strike a balance between independence & compromise.

Pisces : Your social life becomes more structured, Pisces. Venus moving into Capricorn highlights the potential for lasting relationships. The Full Moon in Leo highlights your work & health sector, motivating you towards making choices that are most aligned with your highest good.

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