Just always be the better person.
And make your intentions pure.
What and who you are is what will be remembered.
Pain is inevitable and it will always exist,
but if you focus on understanding what you are feeling,
and why you are feeling it, you will overcome it.

The expectations we have often do not correspond with
reality. We are disappointed every time this happens.
We become disappointed when we expect to be treated as
we treat others. When you start to realize that everyone is
living at a different stage, thinking differently and making
their choices, then you can only accept the fact that people
do not share the same mind and heart.
When you want to be happy you have to let go of that and
start with yourself, be the person you can be proud of,
be an example, show respect and understanding.
Others may not change, but know that is not up to you
and be proud of how you are.

You’ve got so much soul to be handled by someone
who has never been passionate.

– S.M.T.K

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