Quotes That Make You Think – Mind Talk

Quotes That Make You Think - Mind Talk

I have a few random quotes here that can either make you think deeply or give inspiration. I hope this helps the world move forward positively at it’s own pace.

-A light in the dark is brighter than light itself. -When I gaze into your eyes I see nothing but darkness, but when I stare into your soul I find light.

-I regret nothing, the is because I “learned” from everything through the “choices I made.”

-Fantasy and reality are one and the same, they both house a world twisted by our own perception. -No need to be someone you are not, no need to be someone you once were. Just simply be yourself and keep it real.

-Put me to sleep so I can wake up from my nightmares.

-Sometimes we just need time. It may sound irrational because we simply need to make a change in order to produce a new result, however sometimes we are not ready for that change. It takes trial and error, it takes building up courage, it takes some time alone so we can think things through rationally before we are emotionally ready to move on from our habits. Never be afraid to state your needs or boundaries, just be clear about them as well.

-We all have our own pace, we were never meant to be forced. Look at Albert Einstein; not only did he learn slow, he learned of his own volition. The greatest minds had the freedom of time. Time to to analyze themselves, time to mature through experience, time to enjoy the present, time to learn discipline,  time to learn in general at their own pace, time to “enjoy” all life has to offer. Never underestimate the importance of free time. It is necessary for a healthy and happy life filled with positive progression in any way we deem fit.


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