Deep Insightful Quotes By Keanu Reeves About Love and Life

 July 24, 2019

deep insightful quotes from keanu reeves


5. When I don’t feel free and can’t do what I want I just react. I go against it

We can learn a lot from this quote. Just like Keanu, we should do what we want to. I mean, follow our passion and if there’s something in the way, we must react.

You are here to find your purpose in life and be what you want to be. So, don’t waste your time on things you don’t want to do and do what you really feel like doing.


6. Sure I believe in God and the Devil, but they don’t have to have pitchforks and a long white beard

This is a brilliant quote that tells us about the different perspectives of looking at things. Didn’t get it? Let me explain. The basic pictures of god and the devil have been created with the perspective of a single human. It’s not necessary that the devil has horns or god has a long white beard as nobody has ever seen either.

Hence proved, that we shouldn’t just believe what people tell or show us. We must learn to look at things from our own perspective.

Keanu Reeves might represent himself as a person who doesn’t know much but he actually is a man who’s words and actions can inspire a lot. I would say he is clever for saying things like “I’m a meathead. I can’t help it, man. You’ve got smart people and you’ve got dumb people”.

This shows that he is a down to earth man and we can learn a lot from him. Even this quote teaches us something. It tells us never to think highly of ourselves no matter how great we might become.

Keanu Reeves truly is a great and inspirational man.

-By Mohit Bansal Chandigarh


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