Quietly.. Love Transcends..!!

Love asks for no possession
neither can it be seized;
Because it’s love and not a tenancy.

No matter, you are in shards or broken,
Or woven in zillion imperfections;
Love is never blind, it chooses to overlook.

Love is a lifeline, it meliorates.
Undone bruises become silvery scars,
cured by endurance and aegis.

Love is like the Cosmos,
where time and space stay irrelevant;
as it is boundless, eternal.

Love can thrive through
the meanest winters, scorching summers;
a light and the warmth sustains the hope.

Love remains pristine.
Yet makes an imprint, years after years;
like the water cascades over the rock.

Love chooses to outlive like the Truth in tears.
Dissensions may quiten,
even vizards may fall.

~Monika Ajay Kaul

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