100 Questions To Ask Your Teen Other Than “How Was School?”

Questions Ask Your Teen

51. Can you teach me how to text faster?

52. Are there any celebrities that people say you look like?

53. Which songs have been stuck in your head?

54. What bumper stickers have you seen that you really like?

55. Do you think millennials are really that different from other generations?

56. What are the best and worst things about having a smartphone?

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57. What do you like to watch on YouTube?

58. Do you like your voice?

59. Do you think you want to get married one day?

60. How many kids, if any, do you think you might want some day?

61. What kind of a parent do you think you will be?

62. If we could move to a different neighborhood or part of town, would you want to go?

63. How gross are your school bathrooms?

64. What thing about our house/apartment irritates you the most?

65. Are you looking forward to being an adult?

66. If you were allowed to get a tattoo, what would you get?

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67. Do you think adults praise kids too much or not enough?

68. Do all these school shootings in the news make you feel unsafe at school?

69. What’s the one thing adults don’t get about teenagers?

70. What is your favorite snack food?

71. What should be the name of your generation?

72. What do you think is the best number of children to have?

73. If you wanted to have kids, what would you want to name them?

74. Are you more of a dog or cat person?

75. How’s your love life?

76. Do you have any enemies?

77. What would you do with a million (or billion) dollars?

78. Do you think teens have it easier or tougher compared to my generation?

79. What was the best part of your day today?

80. What was the worst part of your day today?

81. Where’s the first place you would want to go after getting your driver’s license?

82. Do you agree with the current legal age for drinking, smoking, and voting?

83. Did I ever tell you about my prom experiences?

84. Are you currently trying to lose or gain weight right now?

85. If two people like each other romantically, do you think someone still should ask before trying to kiss them?

86. How tall would you like to be, if you could choose?

87. Do kids your age still care about professional sports?

88. What do you think has been the hardest thing you have ever done?

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89. What do you think the fourth dimension is?

90. What is the best (non-profanity) comeback to say to a bully?

91. Is it more awkward to address adults as Mr./Ms. or to use their first names?

92. If we had more money, how would you use it?

93. Do you wish we has pushed you harder or less hard to keep doing __________?

94. Ask your teen “Are you satisfied with the number of friends that you have and quality of those friendships”?

95. Do you think marijuana should be legal for people after a certain age?

96. If you had to be a mythical creature, what would you be?

97. What could I do to help you feel more supported?

98. Ask your teen about what are the big things being talked about at school?

99. What were some of best holiday or birthday presents you ever received?

100. What’s a fun thing that we could do together?

Thanks also to the respondents on my Facebook PediPsych site who gave their input on this little project while we were trying to come up with ideas.  Feel free to add more questions to ask your teen as comments, keeping in mind that a number of adolescents will be looking at this post.

To know more refer to book –  Parenting Made Complicated: What Science Really Knows about the Greatest Debates of Early Childhood.

Written by: David Rettew, M.D,
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
Republished with permission
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100 Questions To Ask Your Teen Other Than “How Was School?"
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David Rettew, M.D.

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