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15 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Test Your Compatibility

Questions Ask Your Crush To Test Compatibility

4. Are you and your family close?

This is one of the most important and necessary questions to ask your crush because this one question alone can speak volumes about their values and ethics, and can also help you test your compatibility with them. It also helps you understand how they handle relationships, and how much they value close relationships in their life.

Studies show that people who have a healthy dynamic with their family, go on to have healthy romantic relationships in the future. But don’t take that as the universal truth, because lots of people out there despite coming from dysfunctional families end up being in healthy, happy relationships. Knowing whether a person is close to their family or not can tell you so much about them either way.

5. What did you think of me when you first met me?

When you ask your crush this question, there’s a strong chance that they might have known all along that you have been crushing on them. Despite that, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know what they thought of you apart from this.

What they thought of you initially might not be true, and by asking this question you are opening the door to them getting to know you better, and vice-versa. First impressions matter a lot, so if what they thought of you was wrong, you can always change that.

6. What’s your biggest turn-off?

Knowing your crush’s turn-offs are a great way of knowing them inside out, and also making sure that you never engage in those behaviors. Understanding where their boundaries lie, and things that are completely non-negotiable for them will give you a deeper insight into their character.

Being aware of their turn-offs helps you test your compatibility because you will be able to judge whether you can make peace with them or not. For example, suppose you love dogs, but they can’t stand the sight of them, knowing this will help you decide whether you would want to take things further with them or not.

questions to ask your crush compatibility
15 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Test Your Compatibility

7. How did your last relationship end?

This is a very personal question, so make sure you are careful when you ask this. Don’t ask this question if you’re talking to them for the first time, or when the time isn’t right. How a person speaks about their past relationships can tell you a lot about their character, morals, and integrity.

Do they take accountability for what went wrong in their last relationship? How do they speak about their ex-partner? Do they blame their ex for everything that went wrong? How did they handle the breakup? The answers to these questions can help you understand their temperament and can give you an idea about what kind of romantic partner they are.

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8. Do you have a celebrity crush? If yes, then who is it?

This is a really fun question you can ask to test your compatibility, but at the same time, you can clearly understand what kind of people they tend to fall for.

What kind of behavior do they find attractive in people, what kind of mannerisms, physical appearance, etc. And if you also like their celebrity crush, that’s a great way of bonding with each other!

9. What has been your biggest and profound life lesson till date?

If you want to test your compatibility in the truest sense, you need to ask some thought-provoking questions so that you can understand what has made them the kind of person they are today. Everybody learns important lessons from life, but everyone, including your crush, has that one lesson that has made them who they are today.

And knowing that gives you the opportunity to understand them on a deeper level. Moreover, this question opens the door to both of you sharing your life experiences with each other and getting to know each other more.

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