Questions I Have For Each Zodiac Sign

Questions I Have For Each Zodiac Sign

Questions I Have For Each Sign

Aries: How is it so easy for you to make friends?

Taurus: Why do you isolate yourself?

Gemini: Will you ever stop searching for a new adventure?

Cancer: Why are you so hard on yourself?

Leo: How do you remain so positive even in the most unfortunate circumstances?

Virgo: Why is it that you rarely talk but when you do, you say the most beautiful things?

Libra: Why do you succeed at everything?

Scorpio: Why are you so infatuated with power?

Sagittarius: How do you stay so honest?

Capricorn: How do you remain so patient?

Aquarius: Why do you stay loyal to those who barely deserve it?

Pisces: How do you fool others into thinking they know so much about you, when they only know a fraction?

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1 thought on “Questions I Have For Each Zodiac Sign”

  1. as a virgo, the reason we speak like that is due to the fact we pay attention to who someone is at heart, we speak what we feel and view as the truth. some may think we are flattering them but we try and speak what is a truth, and deep down you know it to be true

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