10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Forgive Your Cheating Partner

before forgive your partner cheating

8. Are They Worth It?

Is your partner worth it? Do they deserve your forgiveness? Can they guarantee you that they will never engage in any kind of cheating, ever again? Are they worth all the efforts? Everybody makes mistakes, including your partner, and if you genuinely feel that they are worth it, then take baby steps towards making things right again.

However, there are some people who no matter how much you give them the benefit of the doubt, and no matter how much you do for them, they are just not worth it. They will simply exploit you and your niceness, and keep on tricking you and manipulating you, to do what serves them the best.

9. Have They Made Any Efforts To Fix Things, And Earn Back Your Trust?

What’s done is done, and what matters now is whether your partner is making any efforts to right their wrongs, and make things right again. Any person who is willing to work on themselves, realize how much their actions have hurt someone else, and then do the necessary work to make sure it never happens again, is the person who deserves you and your consideration.

On the other hand, if your partner shows no remorse at all, then you definitely deserve better. They don’t deserve your love, nor do they deserve your tears and forgiveness. If they are not doing anything to make things right, and are simply expecting you to accept everything and move on, then leave them, and don’t look back.

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10. Do You Think You Will Ever Be Able To Forgive Them Fully, And Move On?

Whether or not you are able to forgive your partner for their cheating is ultimately going to decide whether the relationship lasts or not. You cannot choose to be with them, and not trust them at all; this will just end up making things worse and more bitter in the long run. The only way to move forward is by forgiving them if you can.

So, think long and hard about whether you can forgive them for their mistakes and move forward with optimism and healing in your heart. If you can, well and good, and if you think you can’t, then both of you are better off without each other. You might not realize this immediately, but you will with time.

Cheating is hard to come to terms with, but ultimately you have to decide what your partner deserves and what they don’t. Put yourself and your feelings first, take some time and think deeply about what it is you should really do; not what your partner expects you to do, and not what your family and friends expect you to do. What matters is what you want. Is your partner’s cheating forgivable or unforgivable? Think about this and do what you got to do.

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Forgive Your Cheating Partner
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