15 Things You Should Look For in a Life Partner

Things You Should Look For in a Life Partner

12. Instigates the best out of you.

Your partner should not bring out the darkness, the negative out of you. Instead, they should always highlight your potentials and make the best out of them. Additionally, they will never let you give up on yourself before you achieve heights.

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13. Is accountable.

Accountability comes with emotional maturity. Your partner should hold oneself accountable for his/her own mistakes rather than blaming you or other external factors for what they did. It requires your partner to remove their selfish intentions and egotism.

14. Can comfortably be vulnerable in front of you.

We only show our insecurities and vulnerabilities to the person who is most intimate and closest to us. If your partner is still secretive about his/her dark parts and only shows you their light parts, he/she isn’t comfortable enough. If there are a constant wall and silence between you and your partner, you can never truly be happy together. 

15. Is easy to be with.

A relationship can never be free of arguments and fights but everyday conflicts and battles that you fight with each other can exhaust your relationship, ultimately suffocating it to death.

Your partner should be your soulmate, your best friend and mutual happiness should naturally come to each other, without efforts.

Living with your partner should bring you peace of mind. You should be looking forward to spending each moment with your partner.

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