15 Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Leader

must have qualities of a good leader

With that said, good leaders know not to work themselves into the ground. They find a happy medium between grinding it out and giving themselves breaks. In fact, research suggests people who take breaks periodically are more productive than those who try to power through.[6]

12. Delegation.

Leaders can’t be expected to do everything on their own. By delegating tasks to others on their team, good leaders disperse the workload across the organization. Effective delegation is one of the must-have qualities of a good leader.

There is such a thing as too much delegation. Leaders shouldn’t be afraid to take on tougher projects that require a manager’s touch. However, they should look for opportunities for others to grow by assigning them projects that stretch their capacities.

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13. Vision.

Good leaders have direction. They help others move toward that goal through personal or professional development. To check whether the team is on track to fulfill that vision, they identify key performance indicators.

A leader must also be able to paint a picture for others, tying into the motivation and communication aspects of leadership. If others can’t see their vision, leaders will struggle to inspire them to work toward it.

14. Confidence.

Leaders have to make tough decisions. When they make those choices, they must be comfortable with the pros and cons. Wavering signals to others that the leader hasn’t done his or her homework.

Beware that confidence can be misplaced. Simply charging ahead with gusto does not make a good leader. Leaders must ground their confidence in data and empathy, not their egos.

15. Competence.

Great leaders are more than just figureheads. Their capabilities are evident to everyone around them. That isn’t to say that they are perfect at everything they do, but rather that they’re skilled in the areas they need to be to make good decisions for the team.

Final Thoughts

A good leader makes all the difference on a team. It isn’t easy to develop and master these qualities of a good leader, but being in charge is rarely easy. Do a self-audit: Which of these qualities do you need to work on to be the best leader you can be?


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Written By Kimberly Zhang
Originally Appeared In Lifehack

When you are a good leader and exhibit all these qualities, then it’s half the battle won. People will always choose to follow someone who leads them, not someone who is only interested in bossing them around.

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15 Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Leader
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15 Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Leader
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15 Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Leader
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