Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First

It often happens that despite doing everything right we doubt ourselves, our work, and sometimes our own existence. Is it lack of confidence, the way we were brought up, or the people around us who let us feel this way? Society has a big role to play in shaping one’s personality, parents, teachers, friends they carve a person within.

You are not good enough – these are the words that tear you apart, but it becomes more damaging when it is not said but showed through actions, and that’s where one starts losing their confidence. When you start losing confidence it leads to two pathways, either you start losing confidence in people around you and confine yourself, or start to look on ways to fit in, try to build the image that look, I am good enough. You become a people pleaser and according to me a people pleaser shuts down their mind and starts to analyze what the other person is thinking, or how can I fit into his or her box. This is so damaging and you finally realize what it cost you because it does cost you a big deal.

You can never make anyone happy, you can never fit in every box so, don’t shut down your mind and your brain. Always think about yourself first because you are good enough and because one should first be good enough for themselves. Be yourself.

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