You Put Up Walls So High

You Put Up Walls So High

“You put up walls so high
that only the crazy would
climb them to be with you.
Well, here I am.”

– K.K. Meade

25 thoughts on “You Put Up Walls So High”

  1. sorry but no. i dated those people. they put walls high to see if you climb, and when you do, they crank it higher and they force you to give up.. and if you don t, they ll say you don t love yourself enough because you put them above yourself, so you re trash, useless and dependent and weak. all these words. and after they destroy you or rather put the cherry on top of you destroying yourself to please their unreal expectations, they leave.
    there s No romance and aawww cute stuff

    1. I understand what you said, but I learned to put up walls because of the narcissistic, lying, and cheating men I was with. I know I can learn to put mine down if I ever meet a man who is honest and has integrity. Not one who charms you in the beginning then later shows his true colors.

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