In your pursuit to harm another, You may find

In your pursuit to harm another, You may find

Felicia Holmes
In your pursuit to harm another,
You may find.
you’re only hurting yourself.

Jaimie Mazzone
Don’t let your anger
become the death of you.

Sherry Greene
Be careful about
being so focused on one thing
that you lose track of all
that is around you.

Sarrvesh Waran
Blinded by revenge
and fueled by vengeance,
he went for the kill.

But it was too late to save himself,
when he realized he was
at the tip of the hill.

Sarrvesh Waran
Even the witty shall become a fool
if he is driven by revenge and rage.

Debra L Laing
Oh the perils we do not see
When we leap so hungrily.

Karthik Parthasarathy
Be careful of what you chase,
The biggest temptation you might face,
Reaching the target is the need of the hour,
But not by losing things in your power.

Anindya J Ganguly
Without care, without fear
To nab down a possible prey
When you take a
Into the deep ocean’s bay

Ensure to wear all your gears
Prepare yourself for the free fall
What appears to be a dead end
Could be you life’s best wild call.

Rinku Shah
Impulsive actions,
Have repercussions.
Think before you act,
Tackle instigation with tact.
Size doesn’t matter,
Sensibility does!


Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker
With rage toward those who soar,
You’re rabid to the core.
You lash out and you growl.
In downfall, you will howl.

Darthmed Ben
Blinded by cheer hate,
he jumped at his enemy
not knowing he already lost .

Arunima Bhardwaj
Do not lose yourself
In chasing what is
Not meant for YOU!

Debra Pry Know your limitations.

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