4 Ways to Find The Purpose Of Your Life

ways find purpose of your life

I may be a writer by profession, but I am also a pro kickboxer, a published comic book creator, a filmmaker, a freelance graphic designer, an animal activist, and a spiritual mentor. I do everything with passion and doing all of these things make me happy. I don’t feel burnt out or tired as I follow my heart and my work is a source of joy. My passions have allowed me to develop a meaningful life.

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Live a purposeful life, don’t just seek it

Start by letting go of your old belief that you have only one purpose in life. Accept the fact that the purpose of life is to live a life of passion and engage in life’s experiences fully. Get out of your comfort zone and explore new ideas and new things. Stop trying to protect yourself from failure. Life will happen irrespective of how much you try to control it. So be present in the current moment and enjoy what you have right now.

Do what you love, follow your heart, and work on your passions. A purposeful and meaningful life can only be created through a life filled with passion.

The reason why we are so desperate to look for life’s purpose is that we live a life without passion. We do not live. We merely try to survive each day as it comes. And that is where the feeling of emptiness arises. This is why we feel as if something is missing from our lives. By following your passion, you will feel more connected to your life and all these heavy feelings will disappear.

The only and most practical way of living a life with purpose is to pursue your passions and take positive action every single day. It’s that simple.

find the purpose of life
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