Puppet on a string

I realise over and over that I don’t want to be a puppet on the string…. yet over and over I am…

What is it that lies so deep within us that we want to please, we have a need to be acknowledge whether its as a child, in a relationship, a friendship or work. And then you see the person walking by or meet them and they just don’t care…and I am thinking to myself but I care so much, why am I like this…yes I am a sentient being but honestly learn the lesson, stop walk away when others walk over you. You don’t have to stay, yet in a workplace, you do need to stay and then what? You do better, work harder, get even more involved and till you are suck in, now a workaholic, the forever aim to please will remain out of reach, because some people can never be pleased, they will eat you up and spit you out, they will tell others how bad you are or pathetic. 

Yes we have to realise very deep inside that you actually didn’t owe the world a favour, you need to realise you are enough, respect you, respect earth be at peace, don’t give a piece of yourself so much that it hurts and you end up inside out, hanging by a bare thread, no existence n belonging. 

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