7 Essential Psychological Truths About Ghosting


It’s a clear sign that they are relying on primitive coping mechanisms — like avoidance and denial — and is not able to have a mature relationship with you at this time.

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Don’t bother reaching out to them again once you’ve gotten this message, either; if you believe the anecdotal evidence, asking people why they’ve ghosted you may even cause them to ghost you again.

If your self-esteem has been damaged by the way someone else ended a relationship, don’t sacrifice any more of it by trying to communicate with someone who cannot do so in a mature way. You’ll do better to spend your time with courteous, kind people, and your ghost has just identified himself, or herself, as someone who is neither.


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Psychological Truths About Ghosting

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Written By Loren Soeiro
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Ghosting is a horrible, and demeaning method when it comes to breaking up with someone. This practice can severely hurt a person’s self-esteem and dignity. Hopefully, these psychological truths about ghosting can help you detect if and when it’s happening so that you can deal with the whole thing better.

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7 Essential Psychological Truths About Ghosting
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7 Essential Psychological Truths About Ghosting
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7 Essential Psychological Truths About Ghosting
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