Research Reveals Open-Minded Individuals See The World Differently, Live Happier and Healthier

Open Minded Individuals See World Differently

Dalio encourages people to develop the art of thoughtful disagreement. Your goal shouldn’t be proving yourself right all the time. But, learn to appreciate people who believe in opposite things. You must talk to them and find out which view is true and decide what to do about it.

By trying to establish your point, you are just narrowing your perspective. But, if you try to understand others you can win a chance to correct yourself. Don’t try to dismiss other people’s thoughts no matter how unappealing or silly it is. Considering different perspective or ideas will help you see things accurately. 

In F. Scott Fitzgerald words, you must be able to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. In doing so you are acting mindfully, which improves your realities. 

When you practice open-mindedness, you get to learn new ways to better yourself, and progress in life and at work. Hence, you become happier and healthier over time. Also, you tend to help your near and dear ones to become better versions of themselves.

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How to practice open-mindedness?

All you need is to be ready for new possibilities and opportunities. Think of how you can improve your views and opinions. Look for ways to broaden, and expand your realities. Whenever you do any task, ask yourself, how to do it better? Doing the same old thing and expecting better results is foolishness! Try to approach the same problem from a different angle. Embrace new experiences, be more creative and add an extra effort to liven up the way you do things. 

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Research Reveals Open-Minded Individuals See The World Differently, Live Happier and Healthier
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